IVEP Announces Whitelist and New Platform-Agnostic Interactive Advertising Protocol for Online Videos

The decentralized protocol reimagines digital interactions to significantly increase end user engagement and provide a new monetization model to advertisers, content creators and publishers

Toronto, Ontario, CANADA

TORONTO, Feb. 05, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Interactive Video and Experience Protocol (IVEP) Association, a non-profit organization that looks to reimagine interactive experiences within the digital ecosystem, today announces its whitelist registration for the upcoming presale of dubtokens, scheduled from February 19-March 2, 2018. Dubtokens are the cryptocurrency of IVEP – a new blockchain-based protocol designed to transform the monetization of billions of hours of video content creation and elevate the streaming experience, by introducing digital layers that sit on top of any streamable content on the Internet and overlay hundreds of new interactive smart objects and functions.

Attention is not the right metric to determine whether content is being effective or not. Engaging content and experiences are the biggest drivers of real measurable attention and brand appreciation. IVEP offers the first truly exciting experience for audiences by empowering video content with unlimited interactive features, created by its members of software developers, content creators, advertisers and publishers. The platform-agnostic protocol gives control back to the publishers and creators by allowing members to make any video available online for streaming clickable. This will give viewers the option to shop, chat, donate and search within a single interactive frame, while simultaneously capturing real-time human engagement and interactive experiences to measure performance in a more transparent manner. Additionally, IVEP solves the growing problem of ad fraud by countering invalid bot traffic and capturing real-time engagement metrics from real humans. The metrics are then securely stored using state-of-the-art public and private blockchain protocols.

“Ad fraud is an enormous problem within the online video streaming industry, costing advertisers billions per year. We’re excited to announce IVEP’s technology, which offers advertisers, content creators and publishers a new monetization model that leverages blockchain technology to combat bot traffic and ad fraud and ensure each advertisement is reaching its target audience,” said Frédéric Dionne, Founder and CEO of IVEP. “We envision a future where, through the IVEP in a single interactive frame, consumers will be able to enjoy digitally unique experiences, discover new products and services, shop with one tap, chat with a content creator or customer service, answer polls or donate without ever leaving the viewing experience.”

Powered by member-owned dubtokens, IVEP seeks to redefine video monetization by focusing on action rather than attention, which allows members to be better and more fairly compensated. Developers, designers, content creators, creative agencies, publishers, advertisers, retailers and audience members can all support the IVEP Association with cryptocurrency contributions, with peace of mind that all contributions will be refundable until the IVEP protocol is launched in Q2 2018.

To learn more about IVEP, visit www.ivep.io. To register for the whitelist, support the IVEP protocol and purchase dubtokens during the public presale (February 19-March 2), please visit www.dubtokens.com. Hard capped at $10 million, IVEP has received commitments of more than $3 million to date.

About IVEP Association
The IVEP Association is a non-profit organization that promotes video and interactive experience technologies for the decentralized web through a fair, trustworthy and transparent copyright framework for content creators and distributors. With its innovative economic model and blockchain-based protocol, IVEP can effectively combat bot traffic and ad fraud to ensure each advertisement is reaching its target audience. This will better align the interests of all participants and shared goal of creating rich interactive experiences and capturing engagement from real humans, anywhere on the web. For more information, please visit www.dubtokens.com.

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