Open Letter from Lodestar Wild Geese to Bacardi About Secrecy


LOS ANGELES, Feb. 07, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Lodestar Anstalt today issued the following statement:

We asked nicely but you didn’t answer, so we were forced to ask again in court. We’ve distilled some key points from those legal documents and the public record.

Dear Bacardi,

For more than half a century, Bacardi has succeeded in hiding behind a veil of secrecy in Bermuda, out of reach of the U.S. legal system.

No more. For the first time, Bacardi is being scrutinized in an American court.

It’s not by accident. Nor is it for lack of Bacardi trying to avoid it.

Troublingly, once we began asking questions of Bacardi, we noticed we have come under close surveillance. So we asked if you were doing it. In your recent responses to some of our legal inquiries, you didn’t deny it.

We won’t be deterred. We will keep asking our questions.

We sued Bacardi, claiming infringement and unfair competition by misappropriating our trademark Untamed® to fashion its own Bacardi Untameable advertising campaign.

Bacardi fought vigorously and made inconsistent statements in federal courts in both California and Florida to keep its Bermuda headquarters operations outside U.S. legal jurisdiction. It lost. Now it must respond to questions ranging from theft of intellectual property to inconsistent storylines to tax dodging.

Which raises the question, Why is Bacardi so eager to keep its Bermuda records hidden and to keep its top executives from being forced to testify?

Is there buried treasure Bacardi doesn’t want dug up?

Bacardi’s lifeblood is its brands. You know how personal and demanding the creation of intellectual property is.

That’s why, in our suit, we sought to speak in terms you understand: That for entrepreneurs, intellectual property is “the reward for many sacrifices made over many years, the result of risking everything to create something of value for themselves and their families.”

Like us, Bacardi claims to understand what it’s like to have fought against the odds in the face of adversity. We’d like to believe that’s true. If it is, one expects Bacardi would want to clear its legacy.

We’re awaiting your answers.

Feeling Plundered,
Lodestar Anstalt, Maker of Untamed® Revolutionary Rum and The Wild Geese Soldiers and Heroes® Irish Whiskey and other fine liquors

Andre J. Levy, Chairman
Lodestar Anstalt
+41 794871795