Additionally, Wisconsin GOP primary voters view national defense as a top issue in 2018

Washington, District of Columbia, UNITED STATES

Washington, D.C., Feb. 07, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Ambassador John Bolton has announced poll results that highlight the effectiveness of the first three weeks of a multi-month radio, TV and online advertising campaign in the Green Bay media market, targeted to Republican voters. The ads supported Kevin Nicholson for U.S. Senate, and are part of a projected $1 million independent expenditure (IE) by the John Bolton SuperPAC in Wisconsin. 

The Ambassador’s SuperPAC conducted two polls: the first taken at the start of the ad campaign to establish a baseline for attitudes towards Nicholson, and the second, three weeks later to measure impact. Polling revealed that citizens’ opinions on Nicholson shifted significantly due to the IE campaign. Nicholson currently holds a 39 percent lead over his closest primary opponent in the Green Bay region.

Other key results of the SuperPAC’s advertising (over three weeks):

  • Nicholson experienced a 22-point increase in favorability
  • Nicholson experienced a 21-point increase in ballot support
  • GOP voters now see national defense as a top issue, equal to the state of the economy
  • 78 percent of respondents believe military and international affairs experience is an important
    qualification for candidates running for U.S. Senate 

To see additional topline poll results, click here and here.

“The results of our two surveys show that our SuperPAC’s ad campaign has been successful: it raised Kevin Nicholson’s profile and favorability, it re-affirmed the importance of national security in the election, and it increased Nicholson’s lead over his opponents,” said Ambassador Bolton. “While we are not the only one with TV ads supporting Kevin Nicholson, we are the only online ad campaign in this race. This is important because there was a 15 percent increase, from poll one to poll two, among respondents who said they heard of Nicholson through a digital ad. With voters spending more time online, we have proven that the combination of TV, radio and digital ads can shape opinions and persuade voters like never before.”

The ads, which vary from six to ninety seconds and can be seen here, highlight Nicholson’s military experience in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the bravery he displayed while facing suicide bombers and improvised explosive devices (IEDs) daily. At a time of grave international threats to the United States, this background is critical. Ambassador Bolton’s ad emphasizes that, “It’s time to send a Marine to the U.S. Senate.”

Due to the tremendous success of these ads, Ambassador Bolton and his team are producing a new round of ads targeted to different regions across Wisconsin. This is the first independent expenditure that the John Bolton SuperPAC has made in the 2018 election cycle. In 2016, the John Bolton SuperPAC produced three major independent expenditures for a total of nearly $5,000,000. Ambassador Bolton looks to increase those contributions for the 2018 midterm elections and is identifying races in which his SuperPAC can make a difference. In addition to the John Bolton SuperPAC IE ads, Ambassador Bolton’s leadership PAC previously contributed $10,000 to Nicholson’s campaign in 2017. 


About John Bolton SuperPAC (www.boltonsuperpac.com): The John Bolton SuperPAC aims to make U.S. defense and national security significant factors in federal elections through independent expenditures, campaigns, and issue-oriented education. The SuperPAC does not make contributions to candidates, parties, or PACs. 


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