Doyen Elements, Inc. Hires Mr. Doug Good Feather as Its Cultural Ambassador

Colorado Springs, UNITED STATES

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo., Feb. 12, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Doyen Elements, Inc. in the USA announces that it has entered into an employment agreement with Doug Good Feather as Cultural Ambassador effective March 1, 2018.

Doug Good Feather - is a renowned International Native American Cultural Ambassador, fluent speaker of the Lakota language, Traditional Healing Consultant, Iraq War Veteran (2 tours), Stage and Screen Actor, Grammy Award Winning Lakota Singer, Scholar of Psychology and Counseling ('18), Public Speaker and Nation Builder.

Doug, a descendant of Sitting Bull, will be reporting to the CEO as an authorized representative of goodwill between the company and the indigenous people. He will define the sum of beliefs and common characteristics of a group of people and the broader society; including the aspects of language, customs and values. This will include fostering strong work cultures among businesses and marketing the humanitarian aspect of the company.

He travels the world doing workshops, speeches and media appearances as a professional speaker, trainer, consultant, writer and life coach. Good Feather has given over 1,000 presentations for corporations, associations, government agencies and nonprofit organizations over the last decade. Doug is the Executive Director of the Lakota Way Healing Center located in Denver, CO, which offers programs for healing and personal development. Doug has written articles, training programs, facilitates personal healing and growth seminars and is a sought-after professional for conference keynotes, radio shows, television shows and movies.

The focus of Doug’s work is on the development of treatments for PTSD, Drug and Alcohol Addictions, Suicide Prevention and Homelessness. This endeavor has taken him on many adventures through traditional and some not-so-traditional training programs. An important aspect of Doug's presentations is that he addresses the psychological perspectives and principles behind the practical tools that he teaches. As a result, audiences are often entranced and excited about utilizing the traditional Native ways to heal in this modern age.                

Doug’s business background ranges from executive director to counselor, public speaker, and traditional healing consultant. He works as a consultant and coach in the areas of healing and self-improvement. A leadership member of several non-profit organizations, he is active in charitable, environmental and civic organizations for the betterment of families and communities. Doug contributes to the growth of the organization by building bridges between indigenous nations and lifestyle communities and the economic development opportunities that the corporate venture has to offer those groups. This work requires a truly unique individual – a genuine, legitimate and credible person to speak with elder council members as well as lifestyle influencers alike. Doug Good Feather is highly experienced in this highly unique role working with these specific groups of people.

“We are excited and very fortunate to welcome Doug Good Feather to our team as we continue to expand the humanitarian aspect of our company,” says Jeff Hranicka, COO of Doyen Elements, Inc.

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