Video Contest Urges People with Invisible Disabilities to Declare #IAmInvisibleNoMore

Allsup and Invisible Disabilities Association raise awareness and help people connect through video storytelling

Belleville, Illinois, Feb. 14, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Invisible Disabilities Association (IDA), an organization dedicated to raising worldwide awareness of invisible disabilities, and Allsup, the nation’s premier provider of Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) representation, today announced the launch of the #IAmInvisibleNoMore video contest.

Individuals living with invisible disabilities who upload their personal stories on video will be eligible to win prizes including a trip to Denver to attend the IDA Awards in October.

“Living with an invisible disability means struggling to get people to believe you when you explain how your condition affects you,” said IDA founder and CEO Wayne Connell. “Imagine being labeled as lazy or rude because people don’t appreciate how your illness makes certain activities impossible. This disbelief not only affects relationships, it can be a barrier to care and benefits as well.”

Examples of invisible disabilities and illnesses include heart disease, fibromyalgia, lupus, mental illness, multiple chemical sensitivity, traumatic brain injury and other disorders that are not readily apparent. Arthritis, the leading cause of disability in the U.S. according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, can also be considered an invisible disability. Common symptoms of invisible disabilities include chronic and debilitating pain, extreme fatigue and cognitive impairments.

Many former workers who apply for disability benefits have invisible disabilities. The most common diagnoses for SSDI beneficiaries are musculoskeletal disorders, including chronic back pain. 

“Most people who apply for SSDI benefits are denied,” said Tai Prohaska, Allsup manager of Strategic Alliances. “Allsup understands the importance of believing people with invisible disabilities, and helping them receive the benefits they earned while working.”

The #IAmInvisibleNoMore video contest will run through March 16. Online votes will determine winners. The IDA and Allsup will host Facebook live events with tips on how to tell your story in February. Follow Allsup and IDA on Facebook to be notified of live events and contest updates.  Click here for official contest rules.


The Invisible Disabilities® Association is about believing. The frequently invisible nature of illness and pain may lead to disbelief about that illness or pain by those surrounding the person who lives daily with invisible disabilities. This disbelief can lead to misunderstandings, rejection by friends, family and health care providers. It may also lead to accusations of laziness or faking an illness. We are passionate about providing awareness that invisible illness, pain and disabilities are very real! Our mission is to encourage, educate and connect people and organizations touched by illness, pain and disability around the globe. Envision with us, a world where people living with illness, pain and disability will be Invisible No More®. Follow us on, @invdisabilities on Twitter and


Allsup and its subsidiaries provide nationwide Social Security disability, veterans disability appeal, return to work, exchange plan and Medicare services for individuals, their employers and insurance carriers. Allsup professionals deliver specialized services supporting people with disabilities and seniors to lead lives that are as financially secure and as healthy as possible. Founded in 1984, the company is based in Belleville, Illinois, near St. Louis. Follow us at or @Allsup on Twitter.


A photo accompanying this announcement is available at


A photo accompanying this announcement is available at

You could win $500 and a trip to Denver.

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