Technology firm F9Analytics makes public its ground-breaking discovery in Mathematics

Tucson, Arizona, UNITED STATES

TUCSON, Ariz., Feb. 14, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Technology firm F9Analytics and its principals in their related work in optimization have made public their ground-breaking discovery in mathematics, not contemplated since Carl Friedrich Gauss, that will significantly impact almost every area of mathematics, physics, and computer science – including relevant applications in AI, Robotics, Graphics, Linear and Non-linear Optimization, and Aeronautics.

To provide a public portal to the discovery F9Analytics has created a home for its work in mathematics at:

At this public portal, Companies, Academics, and all interested parties can compute and visualize the “Cona Inverse Rotation” algorithm (in action) and easily verify the result. In addition, you can also download the Official US Copyright text explaining the algorithm from the Press page.

The beauty and simplicity of the mathematical discovery is centered around the “Cona Inverse Rotation,” which builds upon the mathematical ideas of Wallace Givens and the Givens Rotation.  According to Cona, “When we think of solving a unique system problem, every textbook cites and every University teaches some derivation of a Gaussian Method – a 'borrowed' method that traces its origins back to 200 BC and the Chinese ‘Fangcheng.’ With the new mathematical discovery - no Archaic RREF or Gaussian Methods (including the Modified Gaussian, LU Decomposition) are required – just beautiful elegant mathematical rotations.”

For further information, please visit, or contact (800) 851-3572 to learn more.

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