IVEP Acquires ScreenJumper to Become the First Blockchain-Based Cross-Platform and Cross-Network Protocol For Audio and Video Content

Combined technologies will change how content creators, publishers and programmers monetize video and audio content on the open web, television and radio with real-time contextualized content experiences and behavioral marketing campaigns

Toronto, Ontario, CANADA

TORONTO, Feb. 20, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- IVEP Association, a non-profit association overseeing the development of the Interactive Video and Experience Protocol (IVEP), today announces the acquisition of Canadian-based ScreenJumper, a content discovery, engagement and monetization solution, and all of its intellectual property - patented application for an IoT solution connecting homes and cars, and agreements with top Canadian programmers to bring two-way interactivity to TV and radio content using its Preface mobile application.

This acquisition solidifies IVEP’s position to become the world’s leading cross-platform, cross-network blockchain-based protocol for video and audio interactivity, and real human engagement data and payment management systems. ScreenJumper provides a unique solution to link TV and radio content to online services through content monitoring, real-time notifications and validation for all interactions with TV viewers' and radio listeners' apps and web services. For programmers and their advertisers, this connects the missing link with viewers by supporting fully synchronized interactive experiences on mobile devices. It enables them to build unique experiences to increase engagement with their audiences, while building complete user profiles with measurable online and offline attribution for advertisers.

Founders Yves Daoust and Martin Benoit will join the executive management of the IVEP Association respectively as VP, Business Development and Chief Technology Officer.

Yves is a serial entrepreneur with a technology background, who has successfully built technology ventures over the past 20 years in North America and in Europe. He is the co-founder of Bluestreak technology, which raised more than $40M and was deployed in millions of TV and video-centric embedded devices around the world (acquired in 2015), and ScreenJumper.

“Combining ScreenJumper and IVEP will bring a unique solution to media publishers on the web, TV and radio networks,” said Yves. “We are very excited to leverage the potential of blockchain and Dubtokens to the benefit of all the actors of the media ecosystem. After spending the past two decades developing and deploying solutions for video publishers and network operators, we see IVEP as the next generation solution resolving major pain points the industry has been facing in recent years and look forward contributing to the success of IVEP and its members.”

Martin spent the last 15 years building technology in the fields of telecom, networking, video and streaming protocols. Martin has spent much of his career solving streaming challenges in VoIP, IPTV and financial tick data streams. Before joining IVEP, he built state of the art technology at Bloomberg LLP and Bluestreak Technology (acquired in 2015), after which he co-founded ScreenJumper. Martin is a respected technology leader, who’s recognized for his forward-thinking and innovations at the forefront of video and blockchain technologies.

“I am thrilled to welcome Yves and Martin to the executive team of IVEP,” said Frédéric Dionne, Founder and CEO of IVEP. “They are both serial entrepreneurs who share IVEP’s vision to create one of the most impactful technology solutions for video and audio interactivity and real human engagement, by leveraging the immutability and transparency of blockchain protocols and the scalability of community token economies. They bring to IVEP a patented technology that will change how content creators, publishers and programmers monetize video and audio content on the open web, television and radio.”

About IVEP Association
The IVEP Association is a non-profit organization that promotes video and audio augmented experiences for the decentralized web and TV and radio through a fair, trustworthy and transparent monitoring and copyright framework for content creators and distributors. With its innovative economic model and blockchain-based protocol, IVEP can effectively connect to online services any TV and radio audiences, combat web bot traffic and ad fraud to ensure each advertising dollar spent is reaching its target audience. This will better align the interests of all participants and shared goal of creating rich augmented experiences and capturing engagement from real humans, anywhere on the web, TV and radio. For more information, please visit www.dubtokens.com.

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