SD3D Completes Acquisition of 3D Materials Research Firm 3D Matter

SD3D Acquires New York Based Materials Research Company, 3D Matter, and It's Core Product Optimatter

San Diego, California, UNITED STATES

Dallas, Feb. 21, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- SD3D, a leading 3D printing automation company, has completed the acquisition of the New York based software company, 3D Matter for an undisclosed amount. 3D Matter launched the platform in 2015 in order to make it easier to visualize the performance of 3D printed materials based on empirical data derived from mechanical testing over 3000+ authentic 3D printed parts.

Initially a client of 3D Matter, SD3D began utilizing the material optimization and forecast tools to enhance the quality and confidence in their 3D design and print production services. SD3D recognized the value of the Optimatter solution to their strategic growth plans, which led to the acquisition.  

The acquisition includes both the 3D Matter brand and the Optimatter material optimization software.  Optimatter is a web-based platform in which designers, engineers and researchers can optimize their 3D printed parts by ensuring the right materials and processing parameters are chosen for the specific part application. The service is offered to users as a monthly subscription. As part of the acquisition, SD3D is excited to announce that they will be making the Optimatter software even more accessible by providing full access to the Optimatter web interface free of charge to individual end-users.

Founder and former CEO of 3D Matter, Arthur Sebert, states "OptiMatter is a very important tool for the 3D printing industry that 3D Matter created to help users understand the properties of their printed parts. I am very happy that OptiMatter is going to be integrated into SD3D's robust offering of automation tools because OptiMatter's data can now be connected to the rest of the 3D printing process. That's what was missing for OptiMatter users so far."

SD3D will be continuing the Optimatter service, allowing current customers to continue using the features they have come accustomed to, all while making full access to the Optimatter software free of charge for individual accounts. Furthermore, SD3D plans to integrate the Optimatter platform into their overall suite of automation software for 3D printing - providing added benefits to both the existing users of Optimatter along with users of other SD3D software products.

“The acquisition of Optimatter is the perfect fit to continue facilitating growth of the automation ecosystem we have already developed for 3D printing,” said David Feeney, Founder and CEO of SD3D.  “SD3D is developing 3D printing standards driven through automation and Optimatter serves a critical function in establishing those standards.”

To learn more about the Optimatter material optimization software, and to sign up for your free plan, please visit

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