Leading ATI Physical Therapy Experts to Speak at APTA’s CSM Conference in New Orleans

Bolingbrook, Ill., Feb. 21, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ATI Physical Therapy, one of the nation’s largest providers of physical therapy, will have a part in 22 educational sessions at the 2018 APTA Combined Sections Meeting (CSM) from New Orleans’ Ernest N. Morial Convention Center. The sessions will either be led by an ATI industry expert or the research findings presented will be based on data provided by ATI, helping to educate attendees on relevant industry topics and research data.  ATI-led speaking engagements will run from February 22-24.

Regarded as the largest physical therapy conference in the nation, more than 12,000 healthcare professionals will attend the annual APTA CSM to network and learn more about certification, licensure, education, and other industry advancements and updates.

ATI Physical Therapy will be well represented at the event with a branded booth to showcase service offerings and presentations from leading experts and research partners speaking on ATI-backed research and data. Among the presentations, topics will highlight: opioids, concussions, injury prevention, optimizing diagnoses and treatments, science in today’s practice, PT first principles and more.

“ATI continues to be committed to revolutionizing the healthcare industry by leveraging our world-class experts and deep well of data and analytics to support findings,” said Dr. Chris Stout, Vice President, Department of Research and Data Analytics, ATI Physical Therapy. “Having this opportunity to present ATI’s findings to thousands of healthcare professionals helps to further enable improvements and advancements in healthcare treatments for patients and professionals, alike.”

Speakers and topics at the conference include*:

Presentation Topic Presenter Session Date
Comparative Analysis of Utilization after Surgery, Physical Therapy,
and Watchful Waiting for Treatment of Rotator Cuff Tears using Instrumental Variables
Adam Lutz Thursday, February 22
Is shoulder range of motion associated with baseball arm injuries:
A systematic review and meta-analysis
Garret Bullock Thursday, February 22
Risk Factors for Ulnar Collateral Ligament Injury in Baseball Amateurs
and Professionals: A Systematic Review
Merritt Walker Thursday, February 22
Generalized Joint Hypermobility influences treatment type but not functional
outcome in young instability athletes
Abigail Pellet

Charles Thigpen
Thursday, February 22
Evaluation of acute versus chronic workload of an Interval Throwing Program Garrett Valls Thursday, February 22
Gait speed and Timed up and Go score associated with increased
fall risks for Total shoulder Arthoplasty and Rotator Cuff Surgery
Chuck Thigpen Thursday, February 22
SMP:Kinetic Chain Influences on Upper Extremity Function,
Performance and Injury
Ellen Shanley Thursday, February 22
The Influence of Manual Therapy and Exercise Dosage Patient
Outcomes for Patients with Shoulder Pain
Justin Loss Thursday, February 22
Comparison of External and Internal Load During Flatground
and Mound Pitching
Duncan Evans Thursday, February 22
Do Common Measures of Knee Extensor Function Predict
Self-Report Knee Function at 12 Weeks Following ACLR
Phillip Van Dyke Thursday, February 22
Evidence into Practice for Shoulder Pain: Optimizing
Diagnosis and Treatment
Charles Thigpen Friday, February 23
Sufficient Quadriceps Strength Not Symmetry Differentiates
Females with Low Knee Function Following ACLR
Ellen Shanley

Charles Thigpen
Friday, February 23
Characteristics of a young, low functioning phenotype in total
knee arthroplasty rehabilitation
Jesse Christensen Friday, February 23
Sport Specialization and Throwing-Related Arm Pain in
Youth Baseball Players: A 6-month Prospective Study
Amanda Arnold Friday, February 23
Functional outcomes, recurrence, and sport participation
following treatment for shoulder instability
Ellen Shanley Friday, February 23
Explanatory Multivariate Modeling for Disability, Pain,
and Claims in Patients with Spine Pain Treated in a Direct Access Physical Therapy Model of Care
Deborah Givens Saturday, February 24
Influence of Opioid Use and Referral Source on
Physical Therapy Treatment Patterns and Outcomes For Patients with Shoulder or Knee Pain
Deborah Dunn Saturday, February 24
Neural and Vestibular Contributions to Patients with Post-Concussive Symptoms Thomas Denninger

Ellen Shanley

Jackie Davenport
Saturday, February 24
Influence of Opioid Use and Referral Source on Subjective
Outcomes For Patients with Spine Pain
Keri Marcut Saturday, February 24
Strategies for Implementing Performance Measures
in Value Based Payment Models.
Charles Thigpen

Bridget Morehouse
Saturday, February 24

*for a complete, up-to-date schedule, please visit the official APTA CSM website.

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About ATI Physical Therapy

ATI is a privately held, nationally recognized healthcare company, specializing in outpatient rehabilitation and adjacent healthcare services. With a focus on delivering a remarkable experience to every patient, every day, ATI has more than 750 locations from coast to coast. ATI was named “Best Physical Therapy Practice in the Nation” by ADVANCE magazine, and was one of the first physical therapy companies in the country to achieve URAC Core Accreditation, a mark of distinction that recognizes its commitment to quality healthcare. Based in Bolingbrook, Illinois, ATI gives back to communities across the country through the ATI Foundation, a non-profit established by ATI, which has provided more than $4 million in resources and funding to children with physical impairments.  For more information on ATI Physical Therapy, and a complete list of clinic locations, services and the ATI Foundation, please visit ATIpt.com.


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A photo accompanying this announcement is available at http://www.globenewswire.com/NewsRoom/AttachmentNg/60705f21-da1c-4877-9492-8290742bb885


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