ChowNow Launches Tableside, an Online Magazine Dedicated to In-Depth Restaurant Storytelling

Connecting Eaters, Chefs, and Restaurants, Tableside Creates an Online Destination for Lovers of Food Culture Everywhere

LOS ANGELES, Feb. 22, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ChowNow, the leading online ordering and marketing platform for restaurants, today launched its online publication Tableside. Focused on going behind-the-scenes with restaurants and chefs, Tableside will produce original, in-depth stories for curious eaters, food culture fanatics, and restaurant enthusiasts alike.

Part of ChowNow’s expansion into the consumer marketplace, Tableside will share insights from some of the most celebrated chefs around the country, publish data surrounding popular dining trends, and ultimately allow consumers to order food from restaurants they read about. Combining in-depth content with online ordering capabilities will unlock a new kind of editorial journey that connects readers with original dining experiences and enhances the relationship between the diner and the restaurant.

“What we’ve built with Tableside is something entirely new,” says ChowNow CEO Chris Webb. “While other players in the online ordering space value partnerships with national chains like Taco Bell and Pizza Hut, ChowNow is committed to telling the stories of local restaurants, and to connecting consumers with the stories behind what they eat. Tableside allows readers to go behind-the-scenes, gain inspiration for future dining, and ultimately turn that inspiration into action with takeout and delivery capabilities baked in. That’s where the magic of Tableside lies.”

Tableside’s content will run the gamut of cuisines, chefs, locations, and dining experiences, offering a more high-stakes chance to explore cities and become part of a passionate online community. Now, more than ever, food is a ticket to experience — of a place, a lifestyle, a relationship. Tapping into that experience guides the magazine’s editorial calendar, with regular columns including Anatomy of a Dish, Behind the Counter profiles of visionary chefs, and individual City Guides for large metro areas. Standalone feature pieces focus on emerging trends, timely news, and in-depth storytelling focused on chefs and restaurants.

Tableside will continually update with fresh content, and individual City Issues will hit the site over the next year. For more information on the publication, visit For information on ChowNow, visit

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