WEVCIP Funding Runs Out Early Due to High Demand for EV Charging

Toronto, Ontario, CANADA

TORONTO, Feb. 27, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Meo Electric is a turnkey provider of electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions, specialized in helping businesses take advantage of government funding opportunities to support the adoption of EVs in Canada.

Last month, the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario announced the $5 million Workplace Electric Vehicle Charging Incentive Program (WEVCIP). The program aims to promote sustainable transportation and increase the uptake of EVs by helping workplaces, building owners, and building managers install electric vehicle charging stations.

When WEVCIP launched on January 16, 2018, the Ministry of Transportation was unsure of the demand from workplaces to deploy charging stations. Since its launch, WEVCIP has been overwhelmingly successful: the MTO’s website for the program was updated on February 23 stating “program funds have been exhausted,” just five weeks after applications opened.

The Ministry of Transportation will contribute a maximum of $7,500 per charging station. This means over 650 new workplaces charging stations will be built across Ontario in the next six months through the $5 million program.

“The quick uptake of WEVCIP funds reveals a huge latent demand for electric vehicles and charging infrastructure in Ontario,” said Zachary Lefevre, President of Meo Electric. “We’re thrilled by the eagerness businesses across the province have shown to support workplace charging.”

Meo Electric is not a manufacturer of charging stations, but a turnkey service provider. Meo works with all leading hardware providers (FLO, ChargePoint, etc.), and certified electrician partners across Ontario to provide a worry-free experience for businesses deploying EV charging.

“We have built a tailored offering for WEVCIP and have customized many of our solutions to meet the unique needs of workplaces. If your business has received WEVCIP funding, we welcome you to contact our team for support in deploying your charging stations,” said Meo Electric.

“For those new to EV charging, deploying stations can be intimidating, with many technical considerations that can slow down the process,” added Zachary Lefevre, President of Meo Electric. “It’s unfair to place the burden of selecting hardware, vetting installers, and choosing a service provider on the shoulders of business owners and managers who have to focus on their core businesses. We plug in to help businesses seamlessly deploy EV charging stations on time and on budget. Our goal is to make the process simple and transparent while providing the best outcomes for both EV drivers and station hosts.”

Businesses who wish to learn more about the Workplace Electric Vehicle Charging Incentive Program can visit meoelectric.com/wevcip.

Meo Electric is one of Canada’s first firms to specialize in turnkey deployments of electric vehicle supply equipment. Meo Electric has been operating in Ontario since 2016 with employees in Ottawa and Toronto. Meo ensures businesses find the right funding and the right product solution for their electric vehicle charging needs.


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