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Las Vegas, Feb. 27, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Surge Holdings, Inc. (OTCQB: SURG)- Brian Cox, the CEO of Surge Holdings, Inc., a company focused on Telecom, Blockchain FinTech, Media and Cryptocurrency Assets shared his vision for the company in a letter to shareholders.

Dear Shareholders:

When considering a traditional shareholder update, I realized that simply relaying accomplishments of yesterday, today and speculating tomorrow does not tell the full story. 

We are not building a simple linear company. With that said, below is a window into my vision for Surge Holdings for the immediate future.  I look forward to doing great things together.

Most of you already know what we have done externally and from a debt and balance sheet perspective over the last eight months. But aside from ridding ourselves of convertible debt, getting the company’s reporting current and building an all-star management team, what is most important to me is that we have proven that if we say something, we will do it.   

We have almost completed the reorganization of the Surge Holdings corporate structure. This foundation is one of the most critical aspects of all moving parts for the big picture in the company we are continuing to build.

Think of our interworking subsidiaries functioning as global divisions with the purpose of each generating self-sustaining revenue while leveraging off one another to propel our growth. Additionally, our partner operations center BPO allows us to strategically cross-train team members to perform bilingual sales and customer service, which can scale multiple projects at once. 

My top-line vision is to hold a competitive advantage delivering Telecom and FinTech (Financial Technology) products to underserved markets by owning both online and physical merchant network distribution channels.  I believe that we must either be in front of customers physically where they shop or to influence them via social media. We now control our destiny in both distribution channels.  ( and

Surge Holdings also has complete control of the marketing arm, main distribution channels and the payment mechanisms for its existing products, new products in development and any other profitable products we come across that make both sense and cents.  

Here are other highlights I expect in the near term:

  • Align with an elite professional services company to enhance Surge’s shareholder profile of institutional investors and quality stakeholders looking to the future instead of a short-term flip.
  • Finalize the incorporation of True Wireless into our business reorganization.
  • Continue exponential network and revenue growth of SurgePays while keeping the growth of this platform transparent on the Revenue Dashboard.
  • Onboard the first Oklahoma rural municipality to utilize Surge Blockchain SaaS. 
  • Rollout a steady stream of new telecom products including SurgePhone wireless.
  • Begin distribution of our custom manufactured “5” Androids that can be used with SurgePhone or any GSM wireless service.  (online and merchant channels)
  • Push forward the distribution of subsidized wireless products in at least 30 additional states utilizing online marketing.
  • Continue to establish relationships with more direct Social Media Marketing clients with a focus on nonstop selling and revenue growth accountability.  
  • Engaging a software firm to build our own cryptocurrency exchange that will be launched online and provide a module to plug into SurgePays, thereby bringing the unbanked into the new digital asset era.
  • Surge Mining expansion through manufacturing and licensing our own custom SurgeAhead GPU worker rigs

This is the vision of Surge Holdings and a roadmap showing how we intend to employ these moving parts to synergistically multiply revenue in 2018. 

As always, thank you for being a shareholder and for your support. I am all-in and committed to the success of this company. 

Surge Holdings a publicly traded company that owns subsidiaries in rapid growth, reoccurring revenue and high valuation technology fields. Current holdings include subsidiaries in Telecom, Blockchain FinTech, Social Media Marketing and Crypto-assets.

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