FAIR Foundation Announces Educational Alliance with Federated National Insurance Company

New Educational Alliance Will Provide Resources to Inform and Educate Property Owners

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Feb. 27, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The FAIR Foundation, a leading Florida-based consumer advocacy group and champion for creating safer, stronger and more resilient communities through consumer education and empowerment, today announced an innovative educational alliance with Federated National Insurance Company (“Federated National”), a wholly owned subsidiary of Federated National Holding Company (NASDAQ:FNHC), that will enable the growth of educational assets and communication channels. 

Federated National will serve as the FAIR Foundation’s Educational Underwriter for 2018, a first of its kind relationship between the organizations.  The alliance will provide new resources aimed at educating and informing property owners on the risks of wind, water and other natural disasters, how to physically prepare their homes and businesses to avoid catastrophic damage and how to properly protect their properties through wind, flood and homeowner’s insurance.

“This alliance is dedicated to protecting property owners from avoidable risks and keeping our communities resilient before, during and after natural disasters,” said FAIR Foundation President Jay Neal.  “We are excited for all of the opportunities this partnership provides and are grateful for the leadership and dedication of Federated National to our mission and to consumers across the country.”

With an economy fueled by real estate and tourism, Florida’s citizens, businesses, communities and economy face critical threats to resiliency in the wake of natural disasters. Proactively addressing issues critical to property owners and preparing in advance for catastrophic events provides greater protection and security for families, businesses and the economy as a whole.

Through the new partnership, Federated National and the FAIR Foundation will work to identify gaps and develop focused outreach campaigns to at-risk populations in Florida and beyond.  Property owners will have greater access to resources to protect their homes and businesses as a result. 

"We proudly support the FAIR Foundation’s mission of creating safer, stronger and more resilient communities through informing, educating and empowering consumers and are excited to take this next step in our relationship," said Federated National President and CEO, Michael Braun. "When two organizations that are focused on protecting and improving the lives of property owners come together, the combined benefit to families, businesses and communities is amplified.” 

For more information, please visit www.FAIRFound.org and www.FedNat.com.

About the FAIR Foundation

The FAIR Foundation, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, was conceived to create safer, stronger and more resilient communities by educating consumers on the risks of water, wind and other natural disasters, promoting wind and flood mitigation and reducing uninsured risk. The Foundation’s work enables and promotes practical solutions and protections by bringing consumers together with the best and brightest in industry and academia.  Follow the FAIR Foundation online at FAIRFound.org, on Facebook (facebook.com/thefairfoundation), Twitter (@FAIRwatch), or LinkedIn. Visit fairfound.org/workshops for upcoming educational events.

About Federated National

Federated National is licensed as an admitted carrier in Florida, Texas, Georgia, Alabama, Louisiana and South Carolina. FNIC is authorized to underwrite Homeowners, Flood and Commercial General Liability.

About Federated National Holding Company (NASDAQ:FNHC)

FNHC is authorized to underwrite, and/or place through its wholly owned subsidiaries, Federated National Insurance Company and Monarch National Insurance Company, homeowners’ multi-peril (“homeowners”), commercial general liability, federal flood and various other lines of insurance in Florida and various other states. The Company markets and distributes its own and third-party insurers’ products and our other services through a network of independent agents. The Company also utilizes a select number of general agents for the same purpose.



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