India Globalization Capital Partners with Parkinson’s Institute and Clinical Center to Develop Cannabis Related Products for Treating Various End Points of Parkinson’s Disease and Movement Disorders (PDMD)

Bethesda, Maryland, UNITED STATES

BETHESDA, Md., March 01, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- India Globalization Capital, Inc. (NYSE American:IGC) today announces that it has signed a Joint Development and Services Agreement with the prestigious Parkinson’s Institute and Clinical Center of Sunnyvale, California.

The Parkinson’s Institute and Clinical Center will work with IGC in identifying new clinical end points for Parkinson’s disease and movement disorders that could be used to determine if natural products can help with the debilitating symptoms in Parkinson’s patients.  The Parkinson’s Institute and Clinical Center will assist in designing trials and creating protocols including a schedule of assessment, exclusion criteria, and registration with the National Institute of Health (NIH) and other agencies as required using IGC’s cannabis extracted products. Dr. Carrolee Barlow, CEO, Parkinson’s Institute and Clinical Center, a renowned expert in neuroscience & neurodegeneration, will be the lead on these initiatives.

“We believe that cannabis-based compounds can become part of the solution to treat the symptoms of challenging and progressive medical conditions such as Parkinson’s disease and movement disorders.  Dr. Barlow and the Parkinson’s Institute and Clinical Center are highly respected in the field and we look forward to working together to bring cannabis-based options to those afflicted by this difficult diagnosis,” stated Ram Mukunda, CEO of IGC.

“We feel very fortunate to collaborate with IGC in a rigorous research approach to determine whether holistic cannabis products can alleviate the symptoms of Parkinson’s and movement disorders,” says Dr. Carrolee Barlow, CEO, Parkinson’s Institute and Clinical Center. “This is an opportunity for the Parkinson’s Institute and Clinical Center to participate in this scientific clinical study to help Parkinson’s patients worldwide.”

About Parkinson’s Institute and Clinical Center:
The Parkinson’s Institute and Clinical Center is at the forefront of patient care and therapy development. We are the nation’s only Institute that provides patient care, basic science research, and clinical research in one integrated model. Our unique freestanding organization directly connects research to patient care – from the "bench to bedside.”  For 30 years, our team of epidemiologists, physicians, scientists, and therapists, have been at the forefront of every clinical and scientific discovery in the field of Parkinson’s research.

Since our inception, patients have come from 38 states and many foreign countries for their care. We have managed more than 135 clinical research trials, medically evaluating more than 95 different drugs and therapies for Parkinson’s. The result: our Institute has been directly involved in bringing every Parkinson’s drug currently available to the market. The Institute is at the forefront of discovering and developing the latest, most innovative treatments and therapies for people living with Parkinson's. For more information visit

About IGC:
IGC has two lines of business, a legacy infrastructure and commodity trading business and a cannabis pharmaceutical business that has developed a lead product for treating Alzheimer’s patients. The Company recently announced that it is working on using blockchain to address issues specific to the cannabis industry including transactional difficulties, product labeling, product identification assurance (PIA), and product origin assurance (POA).  The Company is based in Maryland, USA.

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