NACD Recognizes 175 Corporate Directors Who Now Are Empowered to Help Their Boards Navigate Cyber Risks

NACD, Ridge Global and Carnegie Mellon University’s CERT Division of the Software Engineering Institute celebrate the one-year anniversary of the world’s first and only cyber certificate designed to help board members enhance their cybersecurity literacy and strengthen their boards’ oversight practices

WASHINGTON, March 02, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD), the authority on boardroom practices representing more than 18,000 board members, celebrates the one-year anniversary of its Cyber-Risk Oversight Program. In its first year, more than 175 corporate directors and senior executives completed the course, while an additional 135 who are enrolled in the program are progressing to complete the CERT Certificate in Cybersecurity Oversight. The in-depth online program helps directors enhance their cybersecurity literacy and strengthen their boards’ oversight practices. The course is offered in partnership with Ridge Global and Carnegie Mellon University’s CERT Division of the Software Engineering Institute.

“Corporations recognize that cyber risk isn’t just an IT challenge. It’s a strategic, enterprise-wide matter that demands active board-level engagement,” said NACD CEO Peter Gleason. “NACD, CERT, and Ridge Global are helping to close the board's knowledge gap on cyber risk with this one-of-a-kind program.” 

Over the past several years, NACD surveys of board directors have consistently revealed concerns on the part of board members about whether their companies are sufficiently prepared to respond to a cyberattack, and a desire to improve board-level cybersecurity knowledge. NACD, CERT and Ridge Global developed the Cyber-Risk Oversight Program to address these concerns. One year after the program launch, we recognize the following corporate leaders who earned the CERT Certificate in Cybersecurity Oversight:

Jennifer Addison
Rich Adduci
Luis Aguilar
Gregory Aliff
Byron Bagby
David Barnes
Adrian Barry
Stacey Barrack
Ruth Bennett
Dennis Beresford
Karen Bogart
Andrea Bonime-Blanc
Olga Botero
Samara Braunstein
Maureen Breakiron-Evans
James Brinksma
Robert Brothers
Gregory Brown
Marianne Brown
Jeffry Brown
William Brown
Maryann Bruce
Rick Burdick
Susan Cain
Kathleen Camilli
Bill Caruso
Joseph Caruso
Kim Casey
Kent Clark
Larry Clinton
Todd Colvin
Joseph Cooney
Helen Cornell
Rick Crandall
Samuel Crowley
Carol Anthony Davidson
William Dawson
Grant Deffenbaugh
Teresa DeLuca
Nora Denzel
Michael Devlin
Scott Diener
Kimberly Donica
Nicholas Donofrio
John Dorman
Deborah Dunie
Kathleen Dvorak
Roxanne Dycek
Colin Eccles
Mark Ferguson
Mel Flanigan
Dhiren Fonseca
Mike Fortune
Thomas Gannett
Jerry Garcia
Nancy Gioia
Maryann Goebel
Linda Goodspeed
Elder Granger
Sari Greene
Jerome Greig
Robert Greving
Walter Grudzinski
Jerome Hauer
Roger Hayashi
Roger Heinen
Charles Herman                           
  Joan Herman
Luis Hernandez
Daniel Hesse
Elizabeth Hight
Daniel Hill
Amy Hillman
John Hogan
Sheila Hooda
Lacey A. Horn
Renée Hornbaker
John Hornick
Lynette Horrell
David Houston
Niles Hushka
Robert Jakubek
William Jeffrey
Heidi Jimmerson
Carol J. Johnson
James Johnson
Melody Jones
Teresa Keegan
Suzanne Keenan
Shawn Kehoe
Dione Kenyon
Mike Keown
Shane Kim
Robert Kinder
Richard King
Nicole Kitowski
Dale Klein
Dan Korte
Katherine Kranz
William Kraut
Barry Kroeger
James Lam
Mary Landry
Todd Lant
William LaPerch
Larry Laque
Shelley Leibowitz
David Ligon
Melendy Lovett
Sean Lowder
Cathey Lowe
Randy Lowell
Wendy Luscombe
Kenneth Lynch
Bob Mannarino
Michael Marquardt
JoAnn Martin
Carla Mashinski
Gary McAlum
Tom McAndrew
Michael McGowan
Gaye Montgomery
Brandi Morandi
Michael Naatz
Brenda Newberry
George Off
Marran Ogilvie
Robert Otto
Pamela Packard
Michael Papay
Stanley E. Partlow Jr.
Judy Patrick
Liane Pelletier
Dave Perera  
  Jeffrey Petersen
Jim Phillips
Jack Prim
Jessica Quinn
Rima Qureshi
Thomas Rainwater
Robert Ramsey
Sanjiv Ranjan
Terry Rappuhn
Mary Ricciardello
Joseph Rigby
Kimberly Ritrievi
Russel Robertson
David Ross
Nancy Ross
Sherry Ryan
Shaker Sadasivam
Merline Saintil
Jeffery Sauntry
Fred Scholl
Laura Schulte
Leslie Seidman
Andrew Serwin
Gerald Shields
Jaan Sidorov
Helen Sinclair
Sherry Smith
Scott Snyder
Nizar Jaffer Somji
Duane Sommerfeld
Susan Spradley
Bob Stallman
Lauren States
Lorene Steffes
Julie Stein
Edward Stroz
Gary Sullivan
Roberta Sydney
Richard Szafranski
Larry Taylor
John Thomson
Susan Thronson
Jason Towne
Mark Trembacki
Lisa Troe
Alan Turovlin
David Valcourt
Michael Vekich
Tim Virtue
Mary Beth Vitale
David Vordick
Shannon Votava
Adam Wasylyshyn
Ernest Waters
Karen Weaver
Theodore Wiessing
Bennie Wiley
John Williams
David Wilson
Jennifer Wolfe
Laura Wright
Russell Yeager
Dona Young
Robert Zandoli
Darrell Zavitz                   

In the spirit of continuous evolution, and based on feedback from our director participants, the 2018 edition of the NACD Cyber-Risk Oversight Program has been streamlined. Although the core content of the Cyber-Risk Oversight program remains unchanged, the user interface has been enhanced and video introductions featuring former governor of Pennsylvania Tom Ridge and NACD president and CEO Peter Gleason have been added to guide participants through the modules of the program. The course details the respective responsibilities of the board and C-suite executives in cyber-risk oversight, and engages participants in an example of a cyberbreach “tabletop exercise.” The course includes a comprehensive exam that qualifies participants for the CERT Certificate in Cybersecurity Oversight. 

To learn more and register for the NACD Cyber-Risk Oversight Program for corporate directors, visit NACD Cyber-Risk Oversight Program.

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