Department of Defense Accountants Staying in Shape With Fitness Procurement

Small Business Contractors Sought for Federal Purchase

Saint Petersburg, Florida, UNITED STATES

Limestone, Maine, March 06, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --

Small businesses who can deliver and install fitness equipment are needed for a federal contract. Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS) needs twelve pieces of fitness equipment shipped, transported and set-up in their Limestone, Maine location. The government will award the contract only to an eligible small business who submits the lowest price technically acceptable. Deadline to submit a quote for the order is March 8, 2018.

The complete details of what is needed can be found on the federal business opportunity solicitation which is available on In general, the agency is requesting four treadmills, three elliptical cross-trainers, one rowing machine, two recumbent bikes and two stair climbers. Each line item contains different requirements in terms of color, size and personal device compatibility. The delivery must be completed within thirty days of the award notice.

This is a quick solicitation, with only a few days to submit an offer, so small businesses interested in fulfilling the job should act swiftly to complete all the required documents and registrations to be eligible. If a business needs help quickly undertaking some of the mandatory registrations such as the System for Award Management (SAM) or assistance crafting a strong bid, they may contact US Federal Contractor Registration.

US Federal Contractor Registration (USFCR) is the world’s largest third-party government registration firm. They are specially in tune with the needs of small businesses. They have help thousands of entities translate their capabilities into the U.S. Government’s language and systems. They not only register companies on their behalf in SAM, but also have pioneered the Advanced Procurement Portal (APP). APP shows active and historical federal business opportunity information in the same place, simplifying market research.  Active federal buyers and vendors are not only cataloged in APP, but also are also using the system, creating a powerful network. Businesses who partner with USFCR will be able dedicate their complete effort toward their performance on a contract, rather than the acquisition of it.


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