Renovacor Wins “Best In Show” at 1st Pitch Life Science Competition

Scotch Plains, New Jersey, UNITED STATES

NEW YORK, March 07, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Mid-Atlantic Bio Angels (MABA) announces today that Renovacor, a biotechnology company developing a gene therapy for heart failure, was named “Best in Show” at MABA's 1st Pitch Life Science event held on February 22, 2018 at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center’s Mortimer B. Zuckerman Research Center.  

This month’s event featured a special format called “Beat the Angels,” in which only two companies presented.  As always, there were audience questions, an investor panel gave comments, and the audience then voted on the “Best in Show.”  However, for this event, a  MABA team had prepared a reworked version of each company’s pitch in advance.  Once the audience determined which presenter was “Best in Show,” the MABA team that reworked that company’s pitch presented their version of the pitch to the audience – and a second panel not affiliated with MABA offered comments on the differences between the two pitches. 

Renovacor is developing a gene therapy for a familial form of dilated cardiomyopathy heart failure. Renovacor’s lead product, AAV-9 BAG-3 gene therapy, aims to restore function of a dysfunctional BAG-3 gene in patients with symptomatic heart failure due to that mutation. There are about 35,000 patients in the US with heart failure stemming from a BAG-3 mutation. Renovacor will pursue a rare disease path to approval for this gene therapy. The program is currently in preclinical development, and Renovacor projects filing an IND application within 18 to 24 months.

“We have developed a clear model toward helping patients with this genetically inherited syndrome by interrupting the mutation at its source.  We are grateful to have had the opportunity to present our science to MABA’s life-science savvy investor panel,” said Magdalene Cook, MD, CEO of Renovacor. “The 1st Pitch experience was an enlightening experience in that it allowed us to both demonstrate the validity of our science and then use the panel’s experience to more expertly hone our story.”

“Renovocor’s technology addresses a novel gene target which, based on their initial data, seems to hold great promise.  If successfully developed, it could have a significant impact on the treatment of familial heart failure, as well as other cardiovascular diseases,” said Carolyn Myers, a MABA member who is a principal at BioEnsemble, Ltd., and was a panelist at the event.

Arthur Klausner, an experienced venture capitalist and start-up entrepreneur and a member of the second panel, added, "Seeing the 're-worked' presentation by the MABA team was a unique, beneficial, and interesting experience for the presenting companies as well as for the audience.  In this case, MABA provided what was judged to be a highly improved flow for the presentation, which going forward the Renovacor team can utilize as much - or as little - as they desire as they continue to evolve their intriguing story."

About 1st Pitch Life Science
At a 1stPitch event (, early stage life sciences and healthcare companies make a 15-minute presentation to a panel of experienced life science investors and consultants, followed by a 15-minute audience Q&A. However, where actual investors would then ask the presenting company to leave the room during their subsequent discussion, presenting companies at 1st Pitch are invited to hear the panel constructively critique the company's presentation, business model and perceived viability in the market.

About MABA
Mid Atlantic Bio Angels ( is a group of active angel investors, which meets in New York City monthly (except July and August) solely to hear from pre-screened early-stage life science companies. MABA members consist of individuals from Delaware to Massachusetts with significant expertise and experience in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical and healthcare industries, including former and current corporate executives, doctors and Ph.D. scientists with product development backgrounds, successful medical entrepreneurs and analyst/investors focused on life sciences. MABA's goal is to create an environment where the depth of investors' knowledge coupled with the pre-screening of presenting companies enhances the potential for meaningful investment.

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