Wealth Generators Increases Customer Base


Investview Corporation’s (INVU) wholly owned subsidiary Wealth Generators LLC announces an increase in customer base.

Wealth Generators has confirmed that it has doubled its customer base for the period ending 2/28/18 versus 9/30/2017.

Now the company will put 100% of its focus on establishing retention as its main priority for 2018. Business growth will always start by increasing your customer base, but maintaining those customers is the key priority to establishing a legacy business. The company’s plan to increase retention includes:

·         Open communication with customers and acting on their feedback

·         Investing and expanding customer support systems and personnel

·         Effective use of social media to promote our message and values

·         Providing new and innovative research, education and information

“While all financial indicators are critical, nothing increases the VALUE of a large customer base more than retention. The significant growth in our customer base validates our program offering and keeps us tightly focused on our global vision,” said Mario Romano, Investview’s Director of Finance.

About Wealth Generators/Kuvera LLC

Wealth Generators/Kuvera provides financial technology, education, and research to individuals to enable them to “Find, Grow, and Keep” their money.  We are best described as a financial fitness company providing our customers the tools and information that can improve their financial situation.

Wealth Generators/Kuvera products are distributed through a direct sales model.  Our products are offered to individuals on a monthly subscription basis. Wealth Generators/Kuvera is classified as a publisher of financial research and information and exempt from securities registration.  This is an exemption provided in the U.S. Securities Investment Advisers Act of 1940.

Wealth Generators/Kuvera is not a brokerage firm or Registered Investment Advisor.  We do not execute trades or take possession of clients’ brokerage accounts. Our customers may cancel their subscription at any time and execute trades at their own discretion.   www.wealthgenerators.com

About Investview, Inc.

Investview, Inc. is a diversified financial technology organization.  The Company operates primarily through its wholly- and majority-owned subsidiaries, to provide financial products and services to accredited investors, self-directed investors and select financial institutions. www.investview.com

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