IC Group LP Continues Investment in Fannex Alongside New Investor

Winnipeg, Manitoba, CANADA

WINNIPEG, Manitoba, March 09, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- IC Group LP is delighted to announce a new round of investment in Fannex, as well as welcome a new investing partner to the journey!

Fresh Backing

Fannex (FX), a product of Emotion Media Inc, is a revolution in the mobile engagement space, offering a solution set of interactive experiences that maximizes in-venue fan engagement at sports and entertainment events. Since 2015, IC Group LP (ICG) has been an investor in FX, contributing to the evolution of its products and services as well as helping onboard new customers.

As of early 2018, IC Group has completed a second investment in Emotion Media to help take Fannex to the next level. In addition to investing, ICG will continue to bring its extensive loyalty & promotions customer experience expertise to the fore, optimizing process and delivery of Fannex’s solutions.

Emerging Partnerships

IC Group LP also extends a warm welcome to a new Fannex investor, True North Sports + Entertainment (TNSE)!

TNSE provides Fannex developers invaluable fan engagement insight and in-game production best practices from many years of experience in the sports and entertainment industries.

Fannex’s solutions are already active in the venues of the Calgary Flames, the Manitoba Moose, University of North Dakota, and the Winnipeg Jets! With True North, IC Group LP is excited for Fannex’s potential growth in 2018, in terms of both go-to-market solution activations and in-venue installations.

The Next Era

Of the latest developments in the FXL journey, Marc Caron, CIO of IC Group LP, said, “Fannex & IC Group have made big strides so far and we’re confident that, together, we’re about to make a big impact in sports & entertainment. On top of our own investment, adding a new partner to the fold in True North serves only to add an extra layer of opportunity & excitement to the Fannex venture. We’re eager to see where our journey with Fannex is heading.”

Sunil Bridgelall, IC Group LP Vice President of Capabilities & Delivery, added, “We’re excited to take the fan experience to the next level and increase the value of live entertainment for fans, sponsors and teams alike.”

About IC Group LP

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