Proof™ Launches Powerful Free Business Analytics Solution

Proof Point™ is a free version of the company’s award-winning analytics platform

AUSTIN, Texas, March 13, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --  #SXSW – Proof today launched Proof Point™, a free version of its award-winning business analytics platform.

“Proof Point helps everyone – individuals and teams – tell a story about their professional impact and their business value," said Kyle Brantley, co-founder and product management chief at Proof. “Today, Proof is moving from a successful first year of targeted enterprise availability to wide-open general availability for all individuals, teams and companies. Proof Point is a free analytics software product designed to give anyone inside a company or organization the opportunity to quickly and easily prove and improve their performance.”

Proof Point gives users all of the analytics power built into the full-scale Proof Analytics platform without the multi-domain Proof Exchange data sharing capability and blockchain-enabled Proof Data Rights Management solution. Data uploads into Proof Point are limited to 10 time-series data sets at any time.

Free registration and access to Proof Point is available online at

Major use cases for Proof include marketing, communications, corporate social responsibility, HR, and other business functions whose explicit business value can be hard for many business leaders to see and understand.

“Proof Point is for marketing and other functional teams who are just getting started with a democratized approach to business analytics, as well as individuals who want to use business analytics to move beyond performance KPIs to show their correlated impact on important business goals and financial performance,” said Tom Bishop, co-founder and chief technology officer at Proof. “One of the things I’m most proud of is that anyone can use Proof, and do so quickly, easily, and with appropriate levels of accuracy and fidelity.”

Christopher Engman is chief revenue officer of Climeon, a Swedish alternative energy company working with Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin companies to offset man-made climate change.  An early proponent of Proof, he posted this:

About Proof
Proof is a powerful business analytics platform that everyone can use to prove and improve their business impact and financial ROI. Major use cases for Proof include marketing, HR, communications, corporate social responsibility, and other business functions whose value can be hard for many business leaders to see and understand.

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