Altius Systems Reaches Cyber Security Agreement with Publicly Traded Accelerated Technologies Holding Corp.

NEW YORK, NY, March 13, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Altius Systems, Inc. announced today its newest customer, Accelerated Technologies Holding Corp (OTC Market: ATHC)

Altius will begin immediate implementations of AltiusCS for Accelerated Technologies Holdings Corp. (ATHC). Additionally, Altius will provide similar services for ATHC subsidiary companies XStreamCorp, IconXchange, and FinBridge Holdings. Furthermore, Altius will become an integral part of the ongoing development process in ATHC’s future developments and involvements with acquisitions, Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) Blockchain and Cryptocurrency offerings. Accelerated Technologies Holding Corp. committed to a three-year agreement with Altius.

The three-year collaboration and joint venture agreement between Altius And Accelerated Technologies will provide Altius with access to ATHC’s client base, sales support, system implementation and customer support infrastructure.  Altius welcomes Accelerated Technologies as a valued strategic partner. Accelerated Technologies will become a valuable gateway for the world of electronic payments, alternative lending, ICO, Blockchain and crypto currency implementations.

“We are pleased to begin implementations for Accelerated Technologies Holding Corp. We enable transparency and confidence throughout the organization by addressing the human-intensive side of cyber security and allowing executives to see where they stand. In the event of cyber-attacks, AltiusCS will deploy a cyber security program which will help protect, detect, and recover assets. We will immediately begin by testing vulnerabilities for some of the Company’s ICO, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency projects, said Mike Stankiewicz, President of Altius Systems.

“We are pleased to commence our relationship with Altius Systems. Through a broad selection process, we chose AltiusCS in anticipation of mandated regulatory requirements. The team at Altius understood the sensitive nature of our projects and safeguard requirements. Altius will provide much needed safeguarding, automation and visibility to the day-to-day operations of our cyber security initiatives.” says Eric Kuvykin, President of Accelerated Technologies Holding Corp.

Altius Systems, Inc.  provides a programmatic and visible approach to cyber security management by consolidating all cyber-related activities into one centralized application utilizing proprietary software and integrating with 3rd Party applications through API’s. By bridging the gap between the human-intensive and technically-intensive tasks required to effectively manage a cyber security program, Altius enables transparency and confidence throughout the organization by automating the human-intensive side of cyber security and allowing executives to see where they stand.

About Altius Systems, Inc.  

Accelerated Technologies Holding Corp. (OTC Markets: ATHC) is a full-service end-to-end business solution and Technology Company that specializes in cloud based disruptive technologies. The Company provides consulting and enterprise level technology services. In addition, ATHC is developing its own disruptive technology products in the sectors of artificial social realities, short-term alternative funding platforms, electronic payment solutions and Blockchain technologies focused on social engagement, sports, entertainment and content creation.

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