The Easy Way To Migrate Your Workstations To A New Operating System (OS)

Migrate hundreds of workstations to a new OS at Once, Easily and Quickly with Kanguru Duplicators

Millis, March 14, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --

When an organization needs to migrate workstations to a new OS upgrade, it can be a daunting, extremely time-consuming task for IT department staff. However, Kanguru duplicators can make new OS Migration easy with KanguruClone™ Hard Drive and SSD Duplicators.  Whether an organization is small with just a few workstations, or an Enterprise, with thousands of workstations to upgrade, Kanguru has flexible options for every project and can make it easy to migrate the organization to a new Operating System.

Want to migrate Hard Drives to more efficient SSDs?  No problem with the KanguruClone™ PRO series. Kanguru Standalone HD Duplicators make it easy for system migrations, upgrades, backups, duplication, data wiping, and more.


Kanguru's flexible capacity of Hard Drive Duplicators make it easy for organizations of any size, large or small to duplicate Hard Drives and SSDs eas

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