Groundbreaking LiveSafe Anteo Private Security Community Dramatically Increases Organizations’ Ability to Prevent Incidents

New Community Collaboration Platform Allows Security Executives to Share Critical Information and Threat Intelligence To Keep People Safe

Arlington, Virginia, UNITED STATES

ARLINGTON, Va., March 15, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Signaling a new era in safety and prevention, LiveSafe today announced the Anteo Community (, the first-ever private, peer-to-peer security community where trusted security and risk professionals from businesses and universities come together to share information and threat intelligence.  This collaborative ability to share security insights dramatically improves situational awareness for all the members of the Anteo Community, significantly improving their ability to keep people safe.

The Anteo Community helps organizations and security professionals work together and address the increasingly difficult challenge of identifying credible threats, quickly sharing that information with others that may be unaware of the threat, and taking action before that threat is realized or escalates. The Anteo Community enables members to selectively, privately, and securely share tips and information between multiple organizations and brings new levels of insight and context to incident prevention, allowing Anteo Community members to quickly assess security threats from multiple perspectives.

“As security leaders, we have significantly improved our ability to protect the employees and assets within our organizations.  However, a threat or situation often also poses a risk to other organizations, either in the same area or industry,” said Jim Cawley, Global Director of Corporate Security, Hearst. “The Anteo Community enhances our ability as security officials to collaborate by securely sharing specific threat or risk-related information, as well as insight, with a designated group outside of our own organizations. The use of this technology to enhance the corporate security community’s situational awareness and share critical information with specific groups within the larger existing network of security professionals and peers outside of our organizations is a game-changer.”

Many industries and occupations such as healthcare, manufacturing and logistics have previously been transformed by improved information sharing between organizations.  The Anteo Community is a logical and important step that will transform how organizations share critical security information.

“As CEOs we see ever increasing risks and threats to our businesses and our country – from terrorist attacks, workplace violence, sexual assault, cyber threats, and many other types of safety and security incidents – resulting in human tragedy while costing our businesses and our nation billions of dollars annually,” said Fred Smith, Chairman and CEO, FedEx. “Something must be done to stem the tide.  We believe that the new Anteo Community represents a major step forward toward changing the equation, from simply reacting to security incidents to preventing them.”

The Anteo Community gives each participant control over what information they share and who they share it with.  This ensures that members are receiving information from a source that they know to be credible and relevant to their industry, event or location.  Likewise it ensures that important safety and security information is kept private and handled properly.

“Whether a situation occurs at the national, state or local level, security and law enforcement professionals have to rely on their integrated networks to gather as much information as possible, as quickly as they can,” said Governor Tom Ridge, the first U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security. “The Anteo Community provides an opportunity to aggregate more sources and provide timely and relevant information that helps someone, somewhere, someplace hopefully avoid the perils associated with that risk, whatever it might be.”

“ASIS International and its members have seen the dramatic impact technology has had on the security field, with rapid advancements enabling improvements in incident prevention and emergency response,” said Ron Rosenbaum, Chief Global Marketing & Business Development Officer, ASIS International.  “The introduction of the Anteo Community is an example of leveraging technology to enable better information sharing within the professional security community to improve prevention capabilities and improve situational awareness across organizations.”

The Anteo Community is the result of collaboration between hundreds of corporate and university Chief Security Officers and LiveSafe’s leadership team over the past 18 months.  LiveSafe clients voiced a desire to be able to selectively share information with other organizations, including those that are not currently LiveSafe clients.  To ensure the Anteo Community met the needs of the broader market, LiveSafe conducted security summits with representatives from more than 100 of the Fortune 500, who all voiced a strong desire for better information and threat intelligence sharing.

“Preventing incidents from occurring or escalating by making it easier for people to share information and take action has been the focus for LiveSafe since day one,” said Carolyn Parent, CEO, LiveSafe.  “We are proud and honored that our clients have asked us to apply that focus to an even bigger group of security professionals.”

The Anteo Community is powered by LiveSafe’s Community Collaboration Platform, which is based on the same trusted, proven technology infrastructure in LiveSafe’s core products that are used by more than 200 enterprises, universities and organizations.  The infrastructure has the flexibility to support the mitigation of a broad range of business risks, while integrating seamlessly with the safety and security investments that companies have already made. It is capable and compliant, maintaining the highest standards of excellence both in terms of performance and availability, as well as privacy, systems integrity, and compliance.

All LiveSafe clients will have immediate access to the Anteo Community when it becomes generally available, expected by mid-year 2018.  Non-LiveSafe clients will gain access to the Anteo Community via invitation from LiveSafe clients.  The Community Collaboration Platform is currently in the Early Access/Beta Testing phase with participants from LiveSafe and non-LiveSafe clients, representing major financial services and insurance firms, media leaders, major sports associations, large retailers, global manufacturers, and major universities.

About the Anteo Name – In Latin, Anteo means to “prevent” or “anticipate.” By sharing information more quickly and easily, Anteo Community members will be in a better position to anticipate potential threats and prevent them from occurring.

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