Sunnova Debuts SunSafe™ Solar Energy Generation and Battery Storage Technology Service in California

Sunnova SunSafe™ offers Californians a smart way to power their lives and maximize savings with resilient, reliable and clean energy

Houston, Texas, UNITED STATES

Houston, TX, March 20, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Sunnova Energy Corporation, the largest privately held U.S. residential solar and battery storage technology service provider, announced today it has begun offering Sunnova SunSafe™ solar energy generation and home battery storage service through its partners to homeowners across California. Sunnova offers a broad and comprehensive solar portfolio, and with Sunnova SunSafe™, Sunnova is now the only residential solar service provider to offer a 25-year solar plus battery storage lease with a comprehensive warranty and performance guarantee.

Sunnova SunSafe™ is a customized solar plus battery storage technology system designed to meet home energy needs in a smarter way. Sunnova SunSafe™ uses intelligent control technology, aka “the smarts,” to manage how the energy produced from the sun flows to the home, to the battery or back to the electric grid to offset the highest energy costs. During time of use on-peak rates, or if the electric grid goes down, the home will draw energy from Sunnova SunSafe™ to power the home’s most critical needs, protecting consumers from outages or high electricity rates to maximize savings. Sunnova SunSafe™ has “the smarts”, reliability and safety to power the home, family and life.

“Solar plus battery storage technology is a game-changer and California has been at the forefront of pro-storage policies,” said William J. (John) Berger, CEO of Sunnova Energy Corporation. “Sunnova SunSafe™ is a flagship offering in our portfolio that enables us to bring a superior solar plus battery storage offering to the market through our network of partners to better serve the needs of California homeowners.” 

“The market demand for solar plus storage in California is clear—customers want smart, local, clean energy technologies that are resilient and reliable," said Laura Gray, Energy Storage Policy Advisor for the California Solar & Storage Association, formerly CALSEIA. "We welcome Sunnova SunSafe™ to California as an option in the growing market to give customers control over their energy." 

With its intelligent control system, Sunnova SunSafe™ helps protect and prepare the home for the unpredictable. In Puerto Rico, Sunnova is proving this first-hand by offering a solar plus battery storage technology solution for homeowners on the island. Sunnova has worked with its battery suppliers to implement a dark start process—a first in the Puerto Rico market—that has allowed Sunnova to make reliable and resilient energy a reality for Puerto Ricans through solar plus battery storage technology services.  

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Sunnova is the largest privately held U.S. residential solar and storage technology service provider whose mission is to help power solar, savings, reliability and most importantly, life, forward. Offering various rooftop solar system solutions, Sunnova provides its customers with the opportunity to customize their own systems. Sunnova isn’t simply a solar company, but a power provider that offers people a brilliant choice for energizing their lives. For more information, visit, follow us on Twitter @Sunnova_Solar and connect with us on Facebook.


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