TAO Connect Announces New Chronic Pain Management Course

Digital health company combats addictive opioid use through new course, providing patients with training and practice in using behavioral strategies to manage chronic pain

St. Petersburg, Florida, UNITED STATES

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla., March 27, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- TAO Connect, a digital health company aiming to make mental health therapy more accessible, efficient and effective, today announces the availability of its chronic pain course to transform the way patients manage their pain. The course helps patients learn more about how their condition works within the brain and also provides guidance in using behavioral strategies to manage it. It’s available through the company’s suite of online mental health tools and can be accessed through its self-help feature or with the support of a case manager or behavioral health provider.

TAO Connect’s program consists of 12 engaging online sessions educating its users about everything from the basics of medication and pain to the dangers of long-term use of opioids. The course explores research on alternative treatments such as massage, acupuncture and biofeedback, while also providing behavioral interventions such as cognitive-behavioral strategies, meditation, acceptance and commitment therapy and more.

“Our society has fallen victim to the notion that chronic pain can only be effectively managed through the heavy prescription of opioids alone, but this dangerous perception of pain-killers is fueling addiction rates and strengthening the opioid crisis as a whole,” said Dr. Sherry Benton, founder and chief science officer of TAO Connect. “Knowing how to manage chronic pain through behavioral health treatment is incredibly important, which is why we made it easily accessible to everyone who needs it.”

Chronic pain is defined as pain lasting more than three months, and it accounts for 80 percent of physician visits. Although it’s typically caused by diseases like rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia, most chronic pain is complex and involves changes in the brain and psychological factors. Several behavioral approaches to managing chronic pain are effective in reducing pain, improving functioning and life satisfaction.

The chronic pain management course is available to every TAO Connect user, which includes college students at participating universities, self-enrolled users and patients using the platform in tandem with their therapist.

The self-enrollment program uses a subscription-based pricing model for access to its suite of educational and therapeutic materials. Clients pay $25 per month or $250 per year for unlimited use of all tools within the program, including daily logs, exercises and practice tools. For more information about TAO and its technology, and to sign up for a plan, visit www.TAOConnect.org. To download the TAO Mobile app, visit iTunes or Android’s app store.  

About TAO Connect:
TAO Connect is a virtual platform committed to reducing mental health disparities by bringing affordable, effective, and accessible treatment to people who have had limited access in the past. The online program provides therapy for common mental health problems using a comprehensive platform of virtual tools for therapists and clients. The tools provide information about client education, interaction, accountability, and progress assessment to facilitate effective results.

Founded in 2014 by Dr. Sherry Benton, TAO facilitates a need for online counseling in educational environments, as well as rural areas around the country where mental health counseling is more difficult to acquire. The company’s model utilizes a low intensity-high engagement method which provides clients with shorter, more frequent counseling sessions in replace of longer, more sporadic sessions.


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