Flashtalking Publishes Industry’s first “Cookie Rejection Index” for Independent, Accurate Analysis of Cookie Rejection Rates

Study finds 64% of cookies are rejected, impacting reach, frequency and attribution

NEW YORK, March 29, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Flashtalking, the leading global independent platform for ad management, data activation and unified insights announces publication of the industry’s first independent, accurate analysis of cookie rejection rates. Following its long-term study of cookie rejection across its advertiser base, the company releases the new “Cookie Rejection Index” to educate the industry on the state (and impact) of cookie rejection.

Marketers have long relied on cookies as a basis for tracking and measurement. With a nod to the consequence of cookie rejection for marketers industry-wide, eMarketer recently previewed the Index, acknowledging the current reality: the challenges of tracking user engagement via cookies has reached the tipping point.  The continued shift towards mobile – where cookies are largely blocked – and increasing restrictions on desktop browsers have cast a large shadow on the reliability of 3rd party cookies

“Everyone knows cookie rejection is a problem, but few understand how big the problem is,” said Steve Latham, global head of analytics at Flashtalking. “Marketers are seeking to become data-driven, but their data is full of holes. They are making big bets on programmatic, personalization, attribution and marketing mix – all of which rely on cookie-based data.  As research shows, reliance on cookies is now a material risk for most advertisers.  With this report we’re seeking to shine a light on data quality issues that impact the entire industry.”

To quantify the impact and limitations of cookie-based measurement, Flashtalking set out to conduct the industry’s first independent assessment of cookie accuracy. Based on a cross-section of 20 advertisers, the company found that for a typical advertiser:

  • 64% of cookies will be rejected
  • Reported Reach will be overstated by 89%
  • Reported Frequency will be understated by 47%
  • Reported Conversions for display and video will be understated by up to 41%

Download the Full Report Here

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