Brand Me Beautiful Explains Conflict Resolution And Invites Victims To Experience A Beautiful Breakthrough


NEW YORK, March 29, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- No matter how we want to live in a peaceful environment, we can’t deny the fact that once in a while we would encounter conflicts with people around us. Some of the conflicts may be family, work, community, financial or relationship related. Brand Me Beautiful is founded by L Tomay and is providing innovative training and holistic healing WORTHshops using evidence-based and restorative practices to help people experience a beautiful recovery from conflicts, family or divorce problems, substance abuse, and repeat victims.

Conflict resolution as defined by Wikipedia is a range of methods of eliminating sources of conflicts. It may sometimes be referred to as dispute resolution or alternative dispute resolution. There are a lot of processes of conflict resolution which may include the following: negotiation, mediation and diplomacy.

To peacefully resolve conflicts, both parties must come to face each other voluntarily, probably in a private location, in order to work agreeably and cooperatively on the occurring issues. When parties come together for confrontation, there must be an unbiased third party to guide in resolving the issues. The third party will as act the counselor, mediator and arbitrator between the conflicting parties.

Each party must state their issues, side and how it is affecting them while others would have to listen without any interruption while noting what the other has mentioned. Such opportunity must also be awarded to the other party without interruption from the other party likewise. When listening, each party must try to view, from other points of view besides the side of the party, the conflicting issues.

The negotiator or counselor must gather information that is identifying the key issues without making accusations on either party and to focus on the issues and not to who did it.

Each party must be given the chance to speak their mind, feel listened to and feel that they are vital in resolving the conflict and must as well be able provide acceptable choices of solutions.

To resolve conflicts, one who has voluntarily come must willingly accept differences and recognize mutual interests. Focus on the positives and give constructive alternatives that will provide each a win-win position.

Brand Me Beautiful will be holding an event this upcoming 8th of April 2018 - 10:00a.m. to 5:00p.m at Radisson Hotel New Rochelle, New York. The event will be about the intimate gathering of survivors, exploring the harm, shattering shame and restoring self-worth and power to overcomers.

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