Plantronics Manager Pro v3.11 Expands Headset Insight and Management to iOS and Android Devices

IT managers can now see, report on and manage complete communications device ecosystem; simplifies planning, ensures compliance, improves user experience

Santa Cruz, California, UNITED STATES

SANTA CRUZ, Calif., April 03, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Plantronics (NYSE:PLT) an audio pioneer and communications technology leader, today announced it has extended the management and reporting aspects of its cloud software solution, Plantronics Manager Pro v3.11, to include Plantronics unified communications (UC) headsets connected to mobile devices running iOS and Android.  This extended reach is enabled through the Plantronics Hub mobile application. By deploying Plantronics Manager Pro v3.11 and Plantronics Hub, IT managers can now see, manage and gather valuable insights from the entire line of Plantronics enterprise communications devices that are on the desktop and attach to tablets and mobile phones.

“More than 53% of organizations have interest in ear-to-ear diagnostics that would enable IT leaders to manage voice performance from the user perspective, and more than 35% of companies are increasing deployment of mobile UC clients,” said Irwin Lazar, vice president and research director at Nemertes Research. “These realities make it more important than ever to ensure IT and line-of-business managers are equipped with solutions that can help them obtain analytics and actionable insights from across their company’s entire communications ecosystem.”

Plantronics Manager Pro is Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) designed to manage Plantronics communications devices. With its easy-to-use tools, IT professionals and their managed-services partners are able to proactively manage the performance of every supported Plantronics headset across the enterprise, ensuring best user experience by accessing actionable insights. Plantronics Manager Pro is available through authorized resellers in most countries around the world. 

New offerings in Plantronics Manager Pro v3.11 include:

  • The ability to see, manage and gain actionable insights from the complete line of supported Plantronics business communications devices, including all Plantronics UC headsets attached to Mac OS and Windows desktops as well Android and iOS mobile devices.
  • Northbound API access to the Plantronics Manager Pro dataset. This means it is easier than ever for customers, developers and partners to embed this data into pre-existing enterprise applications or create new service offerings.
  • Streamlined reports. Asset Management and Adoption now includes all the reports IT professionals need to successfully deploy and drive UC and softphone adoption.

“For an IT professional to be able to gain valuable data from our full line of enterprise devices, even mobile ones attached to Plantronics UC headsets, is game-changing,” said Tom Wesselman, vice president and general manager, Software, Plantronics. “Now, IT can really have a complete view of all the information available to them, which will arm them with the knowledge to make much more informed decisions based on this data.”
About Plantronics Manager Pro
Modern communications and collaboration systems are built on open operating systems and soft phone platforms that are frequently updated. In order to deliver high-quality experiences, these updates often necessitate settings and firmware updates for associated devices. With hundreds and sometimes thousands of headsets to manage, keeping the headset estate up-to-date is a daunting task. But failing to do so leads to poor user experience and declines in adoption. Plantronics Manager Pro is a subscription SaaS that allows IT or a managed service provider to configure settings, update audio device software and firmware, analyze call quality and ensure policy compliance. The cloud-based architecture utilizes agent software on the device, Plantronics Hub, as a relay to the cloud tenant. The cloud tenant is accessed through a web browser and offers IT Managers and their partners a single interface through which to manage the headset installed base. Plantronics Manager Pro offers predictive reporting tools as part of three analysis suites, including:

  • Asset Management and Adoption:  To manage headset inventory, push firmware updates, plan and deploy UC and Collaboration (UCC) and drive UCC adoption
  • Call Quality and Analytics: To improve conversation quality and troubleshoot issues
  • Health and Safety: To ensure acoustic levels are within acceptable range and monitor compliance

Pricing and Availability
Plantronics Manager Pro is available in 143 countries as an annual or three-year subscription service, from Plantronics Authorized Resellers.

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About Plantronics
Plantronics is an audio pioneer and a global leader in the communications industry. We create intelligent and adaptive solutions that support our customers’ most important needs: experiencing and facilitating simple and clear communications while enjoying distraction-free environments.  Our solutions are used worldwide by consumers and businesses alike and are an optimal choice for open office environments. From unified communications and customer service ecosystems, to data analytics and Bluetooth headsets, Plantronics delivers high-quality communications solutions that our customers count on today, while relentlessly innovating on behalf of their future. For more information visit

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