Quantum1Net Announces Early Access to Teleporter™ Beta Program

Sign up now to gain early access to Teleporter™, the private, quantum-secure, peer-to-peer file management and messaging system built on the Q1N proof-of-transaction blockchain to ensure absolute data privacy

NEW YORK, NY, April 03, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Quantum1 Network Technologies (“Quantum1Net” or“Q1N”) announces today the private Alpha release of Teleporter™, a decentralized, peer-to-peer (P2P) managed file transmission service secured by Q1N’s quantum encryption.  This is a pioneering service which allows for safe and efficient file transfer. Teleporter™also includes a secure private instant messaging service.  The sign-up for limited private beta testing of Teleporter™is open now (go to: teleporter.quantum1net.com).

With quantum computing advancing at a tremendous pace, RSA and other asymmetric encryption techniques are at risk of obsolescence.  When this happens, information transport over the Internet will be exposed to anyone able to muster the power of quantum computers.

In response to this threat, Quantum1Net has developed a quantum encryption key generator and secure key distribution protocol that serve as the basis of their encryption capacities.  Teleporter™is combined with this quantum encryption technology to provide quantum-proof cryptography and ensure the continued end-to-end security of file transfer in the foreseeable future.  

Teleporter™ establishes a secure direct connection between two Teleporter™ clients prior to transmitting files or starting a chat.  This ensures that any user's data is never stored on a cloud or any other server or device outside of the two communicating Teleporter™clients and the data is only exchanged directly between the communicating parties.  The end-to-end encryption used in Teleporter™ensures that files cannot be intercepted during transmission, even if a third party is monitoring overall network traffic.

"We started our work on this project nearly a year ago and are now proud to have developed a robust file transfer system ready for the first public beta test. Beta testing on iOS and OS X platforms is scheduled for this June, while Android and Windows versions will follow soon after,”said Stan Miasnikov, CTO of Quantum1Net.

Teleporter™will be an important part of the Q1N digital economy ecosystem, built on the Q1N proof-of-transaction blockchain, designed to eliminate the resource consumption and sustainability difficulties of commonly used proof-of-work blockchains. This ecosystem will also include a distributed, quantum-safe virtual private network (VPN), and a series of financial technology solutions to be released in 2019.  The Q1N infrastructure will be powered by the Quantum1Coin: Q1N’s quantum-secured cryptocurrency. 

“With this release Quantum1Net is pushing Internet communications to new levels of privacy and security; all users of the Internet have a right to protect their data and personal information,” says Mattias Bergstrom, CEO of Quantum1Net, “and Teleporter™empowers that right.”

With this set of developments, Quantum1Net has moved into the vanguard of preparing the Internet and the digital economy both for the post-quantum world and large-scale implementation.

About Quantum1Net
Quantum1Net is a quantum encryption company developing & deploying the Q1N Network and its related technologies in anticipation of growing adoption of quantum computing by enterprises, governments & private parties worldwide.  For more on the Q1N network, please visit: https://www.quantum1net.com


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