Project Lolo Launches to Provide Orthopedic Care and Devices to Children Globally

Minneapolis, Minnesota, UNITED STATES

Minneapolis-based Organization Receives its Non-Profit, Public Charity Status to Provide Care for Children with Differing Abilities

MINNEAPOLIS, April 03, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Leslie Pitt Schneider launches Project Lolo, a global, non-profit organization with a mission to help provide children access to orthopedic care and devices. To fulfill its mission, Project Lolo will partner with existing organizations, such as rehabilitation hospitals, prosthetic and orthotic clinics.

At the age of 6, Ms. Pitt Schneider survived a traumatic accident which nearly cost her life and resulted in the loss of her left leg. She has attributed her own experience as the basis of her passion to help children of differing abilities. A Juris Doctor and former Registered Nurse, with a graduate certificate in Global Health and Human Rights, she has dedicated her career and community involvement to helping others.

“Having been personally impacted by limb loss, that life-changing childhood event has been the driving force for me to help others, especially children living with limb loss. After learning of the frequent unjust treatment towards children with differing abilities, especially in developing countries, I knew I had to help,” said Ms. Pitt Schneider, Founder and President of Project Lolo. “In forming Project Lolo, our mission is to help children get access to the care and devices they need to allow them to go to school, navigate their communities or simply play with friends.”

Project Lolo is headquartered in Minnesota and is dedicated to helping provide access to orthopedic medical care and devices, such as prosthetic limbs or wheelchairs to children. Leslie Pitt Schneider founded Project Lolo in 2017 under the assertion that no child should ever be denied their right to life, healthcare, education or dignity because of their differing orthopedic abilities.

For more information on Project Lolo, its mission and fundraising efforts, please visit Project Lolo’s website or email

About Project Lolo

Project Lolo is a global, non-profit organization that advocates for children to live limitlessly. It helps children gain equal standing in life, with fundraising efforts to ensure children have access to orthopedic medical care, orthopedic devices such as wheelchairs, crutches, prostheses or other devices. Learn more at and follow Project Lolo on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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