Global Autism Project Partners With Leading Technology and Behavioral Health Experts Rethink

New York, New York, UNITED STATES

NEW YORK, April 04, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Global Autism Project is excited to announce their new partnership with leading technology and behavioral health experts, Rethink Behavioral Health. In this collaboration, Rethink will sponsor and endorse the international nonprofit’s newest program, Accelerated Business Academy (due to launch in Fall 2018).

"Our organization has worked with entrepreneurs and teachers in the field of behavioral health for over a decade, helping them grow and scale their businesses all over the world -- and we’re thrilled to finally share what we’ve learned in Accelerated Business Academy,” says Molly Ola Pinney, Founder and CEO of the Global Autism Project.

The Global Autism Project partners with centers providing services for individuals with autism, worldwide. The organization provides training in clinical evidence-based practices, administrative strategies and community outreach. In an effort to fill the gap in quality services provided around the world, the Global Autism Project has developed culturally relevant, sustainable training programs for leaders and directors of autism centers across the globe, focusing primarily in supporting service providers working outside of the United States. Yet, over the past decade, leaders of these schools have voiced a strong need for support in building the internal capacity of their businesses, to better serve their community. This problem does not only exist outside of the continental US, however.

“We are excited to partner with Global Autism Project on launching the Accelerated Business Academy. This program fills a huge industry need to equip Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) providers with the knowledge to navigate common business challenges,” says Rethink Executive Vice President & Chief Learning Officer, Jamie Pagliaro. He continues, “There is enormous demand for ABA services and our hope is to empower business owners to grow and maintain clinical quality for consumers.”

“I’ve heard from countless behavior analysts who have started their own centers, knowing they are experts in the field of behavioral health -- but without realizing the urgency of understanding best practices to run a business,” says Pinney. “By partnering with Rethink, we will engage with the leaders in this field and empower them to elevate their businesses to the level their students deserve.” Rethink’s technology platform offers the necessary clinical tools, practice management features (scheduling and billing/payroll exports), and Registered Behavior Technician (RBT) Training to assist behavior analysts in starting their own business. For those reasons, Pinney explains that the partnership with Rethink Behavioral Health is the perfect union between a global movement and local, grassroots training.

Rethink Behavioral Health and Global Autism Project will offer a free webinar showcasing the Accelerated Business Academy on April 19th in celebration of World Autism Awareness Month.

About Global Autism Project

Global Autism Project 501(c)3, is a nonprofit organization which provides training to local individuals in evidence-based practices for individuals with autism. Global Autism Project believes that every child has the ability to learn and their potential should not be limited by geographical bounds. The Global Autism Project seeks to eliminate the disparity in service provision seen around the world by providing high-quality training to individuals providing services in their local community. This training is made sustainable through regular training trips and contiguous remote training.

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