World Finance reveals the winners of its annual Wealth Management Awards

LONDON, April 09, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- While last year proved to be a lot more positive than the calamitous instability of 2016, challenges remained in the global economy. As such, in 2017, wealth managers were in no position to let their guards down, but instead were forced to work through the noise to identify real threats. Those that continue doing so will find great opportunities for expansion; as estimated by PwC, the total amount of global assets under management is set to double from $84.9trn in 2016 to $145.4trn in 2025.  

Yes, there is much room to grow for wealth management firms that are innovative, and so well positioned, to capitalise on the advantages set before them. This shift will see the landscape change significantly in the coming years, with fewer firms managing more assets – and more cheaply at that. In light of this evolution, World Finance celebrates the brightest and best in its latest instalment of the Wealth Management Awards.  

One thing that became clear in 2017, and continues to hold true throughout this year as well, is the forward-thinking approach that wealth managers must take. Attempting to solve a short-term issue, for instance, could easily produce long-term problems.

The winners of the World Finance Wealth Management Awards, 2017, have demonstrated confidence in avoiding such pitfalls. Where others have been rattled, these industry leaders have adopted new tools to stay ahead of the game, such as robotic process automation (RPA), which not only lower their costs, but keep them atop of regulatory compliance too.

With greater competitiveness between firms expected in the coming years, only the most pioneering are set to survive. To read more about our winners and why they’ve made the cut, pick up the latest issue of World Finance, available online, on mobile and in print now.

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