Grabbr Launches GRABBR™ Campaign Block Chain (GCBC) for Enhanced Social Referral Marketing for Brands

New feature within Company’s PaaS Social Referral Marketing offering provides brands with powerful data to track organic engagements throughout the social pipeline

FRANKLIN, Tenn., April 10, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Grabbr, a social referral marketing platform that leverages and promotes organic social shares as a currency in exchange for products, services or discounts, today announced the launch of GRABBR™ Campaign Block Chain (“GCBC”), a core level enhancement to the Pay-Per-Share process utilized by the GRABBR™ Platform as a Service (“PaaS”) - a consumer reward and social marketing referral system made available earlier this year.

Grabbr’s PaaS dashboard allows brands to use a “share this to get this” functionality to provide digital rewards to consumers in exchange for social shares, turning social influence into currency. Implementing blockchain through its GCBC solution creates an immutable and encrypted ledger of the connections between what is shared organically and the actions and behaviors of those who engage with what is shared down the social pipeline.

“The implementation of blockchain into our PaaS offering was a natural fit as we sought to provide marketers with a more robust data set to guide their campaigns,” said Eric Ramos, Grabbr CTO. “The encrypted ledger system that our GCBC provides will enable marketers to track every generation of a social share and develop a better understanding of where their engagement is coming from. Our pioneering technology, paired with our seamless PaaS system, results in a powerful tool enabling marketers to get the most from their campaigns.”

As part of the blockchain technology, GCBC will build a public encrypted ledger that provides data such as campaign URIs, unique transaction codes, timestamps, share generations, referral sources, and sharing methods as a way of validating transactions. Brands are always searching for a way to “go viral”; Grabbr’s blockchain technology provides a roadmap to achieve the greatest social engagement by identifying key stakeholders that can push awareness to the next level.

“The power of blockchain and our GCBC enhancement is all about providing marketers with a data-driven way to understand campaign performance and make decisions to optimize results,” said Herman DeBoard, CMO, Grabbr. “Using GCBC, marketers will be able to see and understand the origin of every single social share from their campaign and identify power users to target with specific campaigns for maximum ROI. There is no better solution available to provide marketers with the data they crave to ensure a successful campaign.”

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Grabbr is a social referral marketing platform that uses ‘social currency’ to market businesses while revealing exactly where their advertising dollars have the largest impact, and which social channels they should be spending their time on to engage followers. With access to 195 social sites and an email portal that can send campaign invitations to a marketer’s entire email list, the platform enables marketers to deliver digital incentives to a broader range of audiences while accumulating real-time analytics and ROI measurements. For more information, visit

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