Lynx demonstrates Meltdown immunised secure laptop at RSA

No OS Patches Required

San Jose, California, UNITED STATES

San Jose, California, Friday 13 April 2018 , April 13, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --

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RSA Conference
Moscone Center, San Francisco
April 16-20, 2018
Booth 329, South Expo

Lynx demonstrates Meltdown immunised secure laptop at RSA

No OS Patches Required

San Jose, California, Friday 13 April 2018 – Lynx Software Technologies, a market leader in high assurance and safe system development, is demonstrating LynxSecure, the only endpoint security solution that provably separates protected enclaves from user domains for the first time on a secure laptop at the RSA Conference, April 16-20 2018. 

LynxSecure is a true high assurance separation kernel virtualization technology with a decentralized approach ensuring that each guest computing environment is self-sufficient and obviating the need for the kernel to provide global application services. LynxSecure’s unique separation implementation meant that LynxSecure was immune to Meltdown, where the side channel attack would otherwise be able to derive access to kernel and guest private memory as a result of central service oriented kernel designs. 

John Blevins, Director of Products at Lynx Software Technologies, pointed out that: “Detection is not protection. For critical corporate computing environments, patching after an attack is not enough and secure separation is the only option. With a foundation in advanced military and avionics products, LynxSecure is the ideal secure separation solution for critical corporate endpoints offering effective prevention of attacks, secured by design.”

LynxSecure can readily be deployed onto existing laptops and other endpoint platforms. Installation does not affect existing data or the OS. In fact, the existing OS can be reused as a Security Domain. LynxSecure supports Secure Boot technologies and Data-At-Rest Key Protection.

Lynx Software Technologies is encouraging interested parties for go-to-market solutions for the secured laptop to visit them at Booth# 329 at RSA.

About Lynx Software Technologies

Lynx Software Technologies develops advanced high assurance and safe system development platforms that empower innovative companies to create the safest, most secure systems in the world. Lynx is committed to providing the highest levels of safety and security in its Virtualization and RTOS products. The latest product in the portfolio, the award-winning LynxSecure offers a secure separation kernel and virtualization solution that forms a platform for the development of highly secure systems. Since it was established in 1988, Lynx Software Technologies has created technology that has been successfully deployed in thousands of designs and millions of products made by leading automotive, communications, avionics, aerospace, medical, and transportation companies. Lynx headquarters are located in San Jose, CA. For more information, visit


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