S.C.M.G.'s Newest Campaign Manager

New Lenox, Illinois, UNITED STATES

Tinley Park, April 16, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- SCMG is growing rapidly! SCMG is a management firm located in Tinley Park, IL. The firm is known for representing multi-billion dollar clients in Electronics, Technology, Home Entertainment, Energy-Efficiency, Telecommunications, Home Improvement, and Mobility. The SCMG team has just returned from the Top Leaders Meeting, which took place in Dallas, Texas. CEO Joe Pavone Jr. chose three top leaders to attend this meeting and flew them to Dallas. This meeting gave the leaders the opportunity to build relationships with business partners and clientele and engage in networking opportunities with other top leaders within Pavone’s organization.

One of three top leaders chosen to attend the meeting, was SCMG’s very own Campaign Manager, Heather Connolly. Heather started with SCMG less than four months ago. Heather joined the business with an education in Business Management and a background in customer service. She graduated from DePaul University in 2017, where she focused her education on consulting, leadership, and change management. “My last position lacked growth and innovation, which are things that I believe drive passion in a career. At SCMG, I am driven to be a better me every day. I am also learning to produce quality relationships, while continuously developing ones I’ve already made. What attracted me to the business is the positive atmosphere and the team environment. There is a strong emphasis placed on mindset and versatility, which has challenged me to grow and push past the boundaries of my comfort zone. At SCMG, I have realized my passion for servant leadership. It has given me the opportunity to mentor others through my own experiences and help raise belief in our own true potential,” explained Heather. When asked where she wants to be in ninety days, Heather explained she would like to be promoted to Assistant Director, perfecting her skills as a mentor and leader. She has a strong passion for people, creativity and giving back to the community. Heather excels in both personal and team development. These are skills that have been instrumental in her advancement as a Campaign Manager for one of SCMG's multibillion-dollar Energy clients. “I am excited to take what I have learned in Dallas to overcome new challenges through versatility while continuing to place a strong emphasis on resilience,” stated Heather. Since she started her career at SCMG, Heather has expanded her vision and entrepreneurial mindset. Heather plans to improve her communication skills, implement trust, loyalty and accountability in herself and her team.








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