Velano Vascular Named 2018’s Gold Edison Award™ Winner

- Transformative needle free blood draw recognized for setting a new standard in patient care -

SAN FRANCISCO, April 17, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Vascular access technology innovator Velano Vascular today announced that its PIVO™ needle-free device for blood draws was named the 2018 Gold Edison Award winner for innovation in patient care at last week’s 31st Annual Edison Awards Gala at The Capitale in New York City.

Inspired by Thomas Edison, the distinguished awards have recognized innovation, creativity and ingenuity in the global economy since 1987. Additional 2018 finalists in other categories include The Dow Chemical Company, Lenovo, NVIDIA, and GE Healthcare.

Velano Chief Executive Eric M. Stone said the company is excited to have taken home top honors at the Edison Awards. “Venous access and blood draws are a fundamental component of modern medicine, but traditionally rely on antiquated practices that are painful, inefficient, and put both patients and practitioners at risk,” explained Stone. “PIVO is the first in our family of technology solutions that leading hospitals are deploying with the aim of improving vascular access, reducing infection, and advancing a more humane and true standard of care for blood collection.”

More than one billion inpatient blood draws occur around the world every year, informing nearly 70% of all medical decisions. However, the rising incidence of aging, obesity and chronic illness is making venous access more difficult and less efficient. These patients, known as Difficult Venous Access (DVA), represent more than 30% of all hospitalized patients worldwide.

Velano’s pioneering technologies are ushering in a new standard of care for vascular access in hospitals. The company’s FDA-cleared PIVO device enables high quality blood draws from indwelling peripheral IV lines, and is currently in use at a number of health systems around the country.

The ballot of nominees for the Edison Awards™ was judged by a panel of more than 3,000 business executives including past award winners, academics and leaders in the fields of product development, design, engineering, science and medical. 

About Edison Awards™

The Edison Awards is a program conducted by Edison Universe, a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to fostering future innovators. The Awards have been recognizing and honoring the best in innovations and innovators since 1987. They honor game-changing innovations that are at the forefront of new product and service development, marketing and human-centered design, and are one of the highest accolades a company can receive in the name of successful innovation. For more information about the Edison Awards complete program and a list of past winners, visit

About Velano Vascular
Velano Vascular is a medical device innovator committed to reducing the pain, risk and inefficiencies of traditional blood collection practices while enhancing the clinical domain of vascular access. The company’s revolutionary FDA-approved PIVO device expands the use of peripheral IV lines for frequent, high quality and needle free blood draws, aiming to deliver painless, compassionate care for hospital inpatients, a safer practice for caregivers, and a more financially responsible alternative for health systems. More information is available at

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