Shoppers Get Discounts, Organic Brands Get New Customers

Kutztown, Pennsylvania, UNITED STATES

Boulder, CO, April 17, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Rodale Institute, one of the oldest and most respected voices in the organic industry, today announced it will partner with Makeena, the smartphone app which helps mission-driven brands and shoppers discover and engage with each other. The partnership aims to bring discounts on organic and natural products to Rodale Institute’s health-minded consumers while strengthening the category as a whole.

The partnership between a non-profit with a long history in organic advocacy and a newer smartphone app for consumers is unique, but both organizations see synergy in their mission: making organic food more accessible and affordable for more people.

“Rodale Institute was founded over 70 years ago on the premise that research and science would unlock the secrets of healthy soil and healthy food. That premise has been proven true, and our research has educated millions of families about the link between organic farming and staying well,” said Jeff Moyer, Executive Director of Rodale Institute. “We’re excited to reach more people through the Makeena platform and to help consumers save money on organic brands that are doing critical work in the world.”

Organic food is on a tear, with growth zooming past conventional food across most categories. Yet the perception that organic foods are more expensive can force shoppers to choose options that may be less healthy for themselves, their families, and the planet, noted Karen Frame, Makeena’s CEO and founder.

“Rodale Institute has built an incredible audience of consumers who value exactly what we bring to the table, both literally and figuratively: Makeena was founded to connect brands that are better for you and better for the world with the shoppers who will choose those products--especially if cost is less of a factor. And that’s what we do best.”

How It Works: Makeena users can browse and select any number of thousands of healthy products on their smartphones. After the product is purchased, at the store or online, users simply scan the UPC and take a photo of the receipt to trigger an electronic deposit to their Makeena account. Once the user reaches $20 in his or her account, he or she can cash out using Paypal or Venmo. Discounts may add up to several dollars off, or may include free trials, buy-one-get-one-free, a percentage off a purchase, or other type of promotion. Users who download the app through this link ( and use the code YAGUOE will trigger a donation back to Rodale Institute after they buy their first product.

The products and brands available on Makeena are carefully curated by its founder, Karen Frame, and her staff. "We have created a safe and welcoming community centered around better choices. We help families be healthier and happier. Our fundamental mission is to make better choices easier because they are more affordable," says Frame. "Healthy food and clean products must be accessible to everyone."

An impressive list of brands are already participating in the program, including Lundberg Farms, Bhakti Chai, Goddess Garden, Primal Pit Products, among many others. The cost of the promotions is paid by each brand. Marketers have granular control over costs and a clear ROI, because digital offers can be targeted by customer metadata, geographic area, or retailer. The days of printing and mailing millions of paper coupons are over. Deals can be created, deployed, and evaluated in real time, thanks to Makeena’s deceptively simple dashboard behind the scenes.

About MakeenaMakeena connects mission-driven brands with mission-driven shoppers. For shoppers, Makeena’s app offers a fun way to discover and try natural and organic products, while also making those products more affordable and accessible through discounts and targeted promotions. For brands, Makeena’s proprietary analytics platform offers unprecedented insight into who is buying their products, what motivates them, and where they buy -- in-store or online. Makeena is based in Boulder, Colorado, and has won several awards for its innovation and user-friendliness. For more information, visit, or download their app for Apple or Android phones.

About Rodale Institute: Rodale Institute is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to pioneering organic farming through research and outreach. For seventy years, the Institute has been researching the best practices of organic agriculture and sharing findings with farmers and scientists throughout the world, advocating for policies that support farmers, and educating consumers about how going organic is the healthiest option for people and the planet.

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