US Food and Drug Administration Now Approves Distribution of Suboxone’s Generic Version in the USA


SAN DIEGO, April 19, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Heroin Detox Clinics completes guide to Suboxone and questions related to the drug in new post. The US Food and Drug Administration (USFDA) recently approved the manufacturing and distribution of the generic version of Suboxone in the American market. To review a complete guide to Suboxone usage including Suboxone strips, pills and dosage amounts visit,

The drug Suboxone is manufactured by Reckitt Benckiser, one of the top British pharmaceutical companies. For a while, the market is searching for a less expensive alternative medication for people who are suffering from opioid addiction. One of the most prevalent issues in many developed nations including the United States is opioid dependence. This issue has become the most significant health crises that the public has ever faced in this modern time where help is most needed.

Until today, Suboxone doctor prescription is an expensive alternative for those who are needing help to fight the said addiction. The fact that this medicine is costly means not everyone can afford to get this kind of help. As a result, treatment for opioid dependence takes some time or none at all for having no access to Suboxone strips or Suboxone pills.

Doctor’s close supervision is required with this drug regiment which is often not covered by insurance. The US public health spokespersons, however, have released an additional warning to the general public concerning the possible risks of using either the brand name or generic Suboxone drug. It is for this reason that the drug must be administered in Suboxone clinic under a physician’s supervision due to possible Suboxone side effects with prolonged use. Another concern that the health department is facing is the recent studies that indicates that there is an alarming increase in visits to the emergency room by ten times fold for admissions related to the use of the said drug. Furthermore, the use of the drug is being associated with people who are using it not for therapeutic purposes but just to get high seeming that it is after all considered as partial opiod agonist.  

The use of this powerful yet expensive drug buprenophin or Suboxone in the US was initially approved back in 2002. Since then, there are about 3 million Americans who have been treated for being opioid dependents by taking this drug. Considering the cost of the medicine, the number of people getting treated could have a significant increase.

Every person needing help can gain access to the drug. With the approval of the generic version of the potent drug and the underway manufacturing of one of the country’s largest generic drug manufacturer, there is continuing anticipation as to when it will become available in the US market. Generic drugs are less expensive compared to their branded counterpart and for the most part, may have some insurance coverage. 

Just like any treatment for an addiction, the use of the drug can be addictive in itself and delivering benefits and dangers to users. When an opioid-dependent stops taking this drug, Suboxone withdrawal may be experienced. The removal may constitute some symptoms similar to another opioid which can worsen or trigger some medical conditions when use is abused. Despite being legal in the US, extra caution is still encouraged and advised to prevent drug use abuse and avoid dependency among users from one addiction to another.

As to the exact time or date of when the generic version of the drug will be launched is still indefinite up to this date. But with the US FDA’s approval on its distribution in the US, there is an increased hope and a cheaper option for those who need help anxiously waiting for another means of treating opioid addiction.

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