NexusTours launches new customer service and loyalty program: First Contact Resolution and Post Travel

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CANCUN, Mexico, April 20, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- In its ongoing commitment to quality service, NexusTours announces the launch of a new program that brings together two key divisions - First Contact Resolution and Post Travel. Focused exclusively on serving the needs of its customers, this creates a department of 60 professionals that will allow it to raise its satisfaction standards and generate further loyalty of those who choose the brand.

Just five months after the presentation of its Strategic Plan Nexus 2.0, the leading destination management company, launches a new Quality area dedicated to increasing efficiencies in customer service within its current operations in 15 countries and 48 destinations where it has a presence.

With the strengths of both departments, the goal is to provide higher service levels and give solutions to incidents, both to its Tour Operators and direct customers who purchase their products from excursions, transportation and hotel services.  

  • First Contact Resolution: providing immediate attention to travelers during their stay at destination, with a response rate of 24 hours.
  • Post Travel: supporting customers who report an occurrence once they return to their place of origin with response(s) through all their communication channels.

"Our main objective is to improve our client’s perception regarding the brand. We will continue to strengthen ourselves with new products and services, innovation and the implementation of new technologies. This will not only give us the opportunity to maintain fluid and effective communication with the more than 500 Tour Operators we currently manage in Latin America, Canada, United States and Europe, but it will provide us with added values ​​so that they continue to trust in NexusTours in the long term," said Ruben Gutierrez, Managing Director.

In this way, Nexus has already established action plans that are being implemented in each of its destinations to respond more effectively and meet the needs of travelers before they return to their place of origin and after their stay in destination.

Gutierrez stated: "We are aware that experience is what counts most when providing a service. Thanks to the creation of this new area, we will make sure that we make the best decisions for the benefit of those who choose NexusTours, adapting to the changes and demands of the tourism sector."


We are the leading Destination Management Company in the region, with a presence in 15 countries and 48 destinations in the Caribbean and Latin America, transporting more than 2 million passengers a year. We belong to the Sunwing Travel Group and, backed up with more than 20 years of experience in the field, we have our own fleet of modern vehicles for transfers and excursions. We offer the most comprehensive program of in-destination services, both at the airport and at the tour and hospitality desks in the hotels. We are committed to excellence in customer service and assistance; for this reason we offer the most up-to-date channels providing customer service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, through our Contact Center, website, online chat service and our App Connect2Nexus whereby travelers can find all the information they need and are able to contact our professional team free of charge.

In addition to the Tour Operators within our group such as Sunwing Vacations, Signature Vacations and Vacation Express, we are honored to be trusted by more than 500 prominent Tour Operators, leaders in their markets of Latin America, Mexico and Europe, among them, TUI Travel Group.

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