VPN.com at Forefront of Historic Delete Facebook and Privacy Protests

SAN FRANCISCO and WASHINGTON and AUSTIN, Texas and ATLANTA, April 24, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- On Tuesday, April, 10th, 2018, VPN.com launched Delete Facebook protests nationwide amid the ongoing privacy debate and Cambridge Analytica scandal. The unauthorized data-sharing debacle has surrounded Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, COO Sheryl Sandberg and all members of Facebook’s Officers and Board of Directors.

CEO of VPN.com, Michael Gargiulo, was on the ground in Washington, D.C. and San Francisco, CA as the privacy protests took place. The company also organized numerous 24-foot box trucks that canvassed four major cities (Austin, Atlanta, San Francisco and Washington, D.C.) nationwide with the message #DeleteFacebook and #OurPrivacyMatters covering all sides.

VPN.com promotes privacy and security across an array of consumer-facing issues that jeopardize the identity and private data of individuals and organizations.

“I was really disappointed with the caliber of questions that the United States Senate and House of Representatives brought forward. Facebook’s CEO is directly responsible for the unauthorized dissemination of the private Facebook data on an estimated 87 million Americans,” Gargiulo commented on Zuckerberg’s Congressional testimony.

“After nearly a decade of Facebook privacy issues, it’s disappointing when Senator Lindsey Graham asks Mark Zuckerberg ‘Would you submit to us [Congress] proposed regulations?’”

VPN.com has captured the protests across the United States and has made all pictures and assets publicly available with Creative Commons By 3.0 US licensing rights. All assets can be securely downloaded and used for free with attribution at: https://www.vpn.com/facebook-press

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has had oversight into Facebook’s data and privacy policies since the company agreed to a FTC Consent Decree in 2011. Even though this decree allows the FTC to audit Facebook and their privacy practices through 2031, it is difficult to say whether these additional protections are proactively working.

“At the very least, Congress needs breach disclosure legislation, similar to Article 33 of the General Data Protection Regulation from the European Union, which requires companies to publicly disclose breaches and those involved within a 72-hour window,” Gargiulo says. “Facebook, Equifax, Yahoo and countless others chose not to disclose this breach information within a reasonable period of time because of the imminent damage executives know it will bring their stock price.”

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