CORE Higher Education Group Partners with VUCA Health to Integrate Informational Medication Videos into COREreadiness Online Courses

LAKE MARY, FL., April 24, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- VUCA Health and CORE Higher Education Group today announced that CORE Higher Education Group’s COREreadiness platform will integrate VUCA’s informational medication videos into its educational online courses to improve student pharmacists’ patient counseling and communication skills.

The COREreadiness platform is designed to help students, pharmacy schools and pharmacies prepare for the evolving practice of pharmacy. The platform, which will now include videos from VUCA’s extensive medication library, hosts courses dedicated to preparing student pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and other practitioners for the pharmacy workplace through the use of engaging, multimedia content.

“We are committed to educating the next generation of pharmacists with digital experiences that enable them to successfully complete a highly-focused curriculum and allow them to move into pharmacy externships, residencies and the professional workplace with confidence,” said Dr. Shannon Staton, PharmD, MBA, Director of Education at CORE Higher Education Group. “By implementing VUCA’s robust video library, students can better prepare for their future career using technology that allows them to engage with content that is consistently updated with the most current medication information available.”

In partnering with VUCA, COREreadiness users will have access to an extensive library of prescription-specific video briefings that deliver information on top-prescribed medications, including proper usage, expected benefits and potential side effects. This information will be delivered in the form of short web courses followed by a competency assessment, which will test an individual’s understanding of the medication and its unique features. The videos and tools provided by COREreadiness are designed to help close curricular gaps and support students as they prepare for IPPEs, APPEs, residencies and the professional workplace. 

“VUCA’s innovative visual education paired with COREreadiness’ engaging platform is helping student pharmacists prepare to educate future patients in the practice of safe administration of prescription medication,” said VUCA Health CEO David Medvedeff, PharmD, MBA. “By coupling these services, students have access to current medication information and the ability to leverage valuable resources to enhance their overall education experience.”

Interested in seeing how these videos work? You can access a sample video here.

About CORE Higher Education Group

CORE Higher Education Group is an education technology company providing software applications to colleges and universities at both the program level and the institutional level. Founded in 2006, CORE’s technology applications have grown to accommodate the experiential education, student competency assessment (CBE), workforce readiness, and digital portfolio needs of more than 150 colleges and universities throughout North America.

About VUCA Health

Based in Lake Mary, Fla., VUCA Health ( provides a gateway to patient engagement that serves as an on-demand extension of pharmacists and other healthcare providers. The company’s MedsOnCue solution leverages advanced mobile, web and on-demand video and communication technologies to deliver trusted patient information that enhances the medication use process. It offers a convenient and cost-effective way for clients to provide on-demand patient medication information and strengthen customer connections with video briefings, web messaging, reminders and alerts and a host of other customizable services that extend and enhance the patient relationship.


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