Rehab Treatment Centers to Provide Patients with Options in Dealing with Suboxone Withdrawal


SAN DIEGO, April 24, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- completes page about Suboxone withdrawal and what individuals should expect. Various rehab treatment centers across America are available to provide patients suffering from opioid addiction as well as dealing with Suboxone withdrawal. Suboxone withdrawal usually occurs when a person takes the drug over a period and then for whatever reason stops using the drug. There is a notable similarity between addiction to Suboxone and opiate drugs, and symptoms’ severity will depend on the duration of use prior its stop.

The use of Suboxone comes with some benefits and dangers especially when administered without doctor’s supervision. Suboxone side effects can vary depending on the severity of the addiction but altogether reduces the person's general productivity. Some people suffer from confusion, painful urination, sleepiness, vomiting, nausea, and depression just to name a few. More severe withdrawal symptoms are also experienced which include abdominal pain, drowsiness and insomnia, abdominal pain, excessive sweating, and mood swings. The use of this drug must be dealt with care in the same manner if one has developed a new dependency on it.

For the most, individuals can only experience common side effects. But when the use of Suboxone is suddenly put to a halt, withdrawal symptoms will develop such as diarrhea & constipation, joint, and bone pain, problem falling asleep or insomnia, and also the pupils’ constriction and dilation. Some of the side effects can be dangerous and somewhat alarming if left untreated like depression and other mental disorders. The effect usually occurs during prolonged use, and patients have likewise become dependent on the medication that’s supposed to treat another addiction. Dose reduction on a daily basis is implemented to reduce the risk of overdose, and tapering plans are likewise put into consideration.

For patients to experience Suboxone withdrawal with little occurrence as possible, it is vital to stop the use of drug gradually and within the presence of a Suboxone doctor. None of these side effects and withdrawal symptoms is pleasant. Some discussions have emerged in the market regarding the drug’s safety. As one experiences unbearable pain and discomfort during withdrawal, this could lead to abuse and further dependence on this drug. Despite that, no one can dispute the fact that thousands of drug dependents are treated by using Suboxone. 

Public awareness is being disseminated to educate people on the importance of proper guidance and administering of the drug from doctors and other certified medical professionals only. Recovering from opioid addiction will take some time, which means a patient might have to use Suboxone for a specified period as well. This drug replicates drugs like opium, oxycodone, and codeine in a very mild way minimizing withdrawal symptoms and likewise allowing you to recover gradually. The flip-side is extensive use can be addicting being both antagonist and agonist opioid. Whether or not patients are taking prescribed Suboxone Strips or Suboxone pills for medical purposes or as a prescription drug, an expert in addiction and healthcare will help ensure that the drug is cleared from your body and your system the safest way possible.

The use of the drug was designed to gradually free a patient from opioid dependency and also to minimize overdose through self-medication. Not all doctors can prescribe this drug as certain certifications are necessary to qualify. Misuse of this drug is still prevalent notwithstanding the government warning of possible overdose ad, life-threatening side effects, and symptoms of withdrawal. People suffering from Suboxone withdrawal have an option for personalized treatment recovery program through a wide selection of Suboxone clinic, rehab and treatment centers across the USA.

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