SportX: A Blockchain Based Rising Platform in the Sports Industry Is Drawing More Talents to Join

The emerging platform will redefine the entire industry by integrating the mighty blockchain technology into the world of sports

NEW YORK, April 24, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- With an aim to revolutionize the sports industry worldwide with the booming Blockchain Technology, SportX has proudly announced the launch of its all-new platform globally. Blockchain Technology is on a global rise and with the integration of this technology in sports industry, several real problems will be solved. Moreover, this rising platform has a very solid core team of industry experts in both technology and business, and this team is determined to make a difference by making SportX a global phenomenon. 

“At SportX, we have been partnering with overseas marketing experts of very strong background and we have been actively interacting with the crypto-community, which has resulted in drawing great talent from this new tech arena,” said the founder of SportX, while introducing the Blockchain based new platform. “We live in a technology dependent world and it is obvious that the Blockchain Technology is the real future of our generation,” he added.

The primary business objective of SportX is to create an effective and transparent sport asset, which will be based on the Blockchain Technology. Since last year, the world has witnessed unprecedented successes that blockchain ecosystems has brought into other industries. The examples include ENJ for Gaming industry, CURRENT for Music Industry, as well as ENT for Entertainment Industry. Sports Industry is a Billion-Dollar Market and it even has more potential than the entertainment industry or any other industry for that matter. Founded and led by a group of experienced international lawyers, passionate tech genius and world-class sports agents, SportX aims to revolutionize this industry by introducing smart technologies that will benefit all the parties involved.

In addition, SportX has formed a great team of professionals in the sports, technology and financial arenas that, with the valuable advices of experts in sports legal matters, have created a long list of benefits that the blockchain platform and smart contracts provide to the sports industry. The enormous potential of this new model has attracted big sports stars, including Roberto Carlos, formerly the Real Madrid and Brazilian soccer legend, as well as a booming amount of blockchain community members willing to make contribution and collaborate in the growth and development of this new platform. With the availability of open and truthful information about sports, through the implementation of transparent, decentralized technology, SportX represents a new technological panorama, pioneering in many ways for the sector.

In addition, SportX aims to create an entirely new sports ecosystem that is truly meant for the fans and this can truly be achieved by utilizing the powerful tools provided by blockchain technology. These tools include the groundbreaking smart contract, and other innovative blockchain based solutions. Furthermore, this ecosystem will not only break the existing barriers but will also bring a transparent flow of value among fans, athletes and clubs. The ecosystem of SportX is autonomous, without monopolies or intermediaries, where everyone has the freedom to participate and act according to their own decisions. This new model gives sports entities an alternative to finance themselves beyond investment funds, as well as allows the talented players to access to more valuable resources at the early stage of their career.

Another amazing feature introduced under this remarkable business model is that it will allow people to invest in sports industry like never before. The platform will enable clubs to issue special tokens that can be circulated by agents, business partners, athletes, fans, and consumers. Moreover, it will allow individuals to invest in a sport star's image right, and even intellectual property of a popular sport coach, like tactics and strategy.  As a result, the return on investment is going to be transparent with smart contract.

Other features and benefits of this rising platform include the induction of crowdfunding the world of sports. The platform will support crowdfunding campaigns through smart contracts, meaning that fans will directly be able to contribute and donate in charity tournaments and academy training of athletes and sports teams.

The platform is designed in such a way that it will directly benefit the fans as well as the sports sector. The decentralized platform will be transparent and reliable at all times and transactions will be visible for everyone to be seen. The potential of this amazing project is huge, and the Blockchain Technology is the primary guarantee of its reliability for worldwide investors, strategic ecosystem partners, and visionary tech talents involved. The amazing future of SportX is a reality on the way.

Author: Ambidexter
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