League and eSight Partner to Proactively Provide Employers With an Unprecedented Solution for Blindness in the Workplace

Toronto, Ontario, CANADA

TORONTO, April 24, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- League Inc., the disruptive health benefits platform, and eSight, the developer of breakthrough electronic glasses that help the legally blind see, are proudly joining forces to revolutionize the workplace experience for those living with legal blindness or low vision.

League is the first health benefits provider in North America to cover eSight’s groundbreaking, vision-restoring technology through employer sponsored benefit packages. This partnership will break down barriers to accessing a life-changing device, while also putting employees in control of their own health and wellness.

“Providing League members with the ability to purchase eSight’s electronic glasses through their health benefits platform demonstrates the flexibility and customization League members have come to expect,” said Mike Serbinis, Founder and CEO of League. “This program provides employers a unique opportunity to greatly improve the career of employees with severe vision issues.”

The legally blind are often left to contend with unemployment rates as high as 70 percent, with a devastating poverty rate of 30 percent, according to the CNIB and AEBC. This partnership will be transformative - providing employers with a powerful, new disability management tool that will help them significantly enhance the performance of existing employees living with vision loss. Additionally, eSight enables employers to hire highly talented individuals from the visually impaired community, unlocking an impactful hiring option in times of historically low unemployment.

With cases of blindness set to rise dramatically, employers will now be able to proactively assure the productivity, independence, and mobility of employees who experience the harrowing effects of vision loss. Employees currently living with legal blindness, whose employers use League, will now be able to easily access eSight’s life-changing electronic glasses through their health benefits.

“Individuals who live with vision loss continually tell us that they have to work four times as hard to get one-fourth as far—a trend we find completely unacceptable. By partnering with League, we believe that we can dramatically transform the lives of the visually impaired by helping them excel in their current roles and attain new employment opportunities,” said Dr. Brian Mech, CEO of eSight. “We know League provides a best-in-class employee experience with a focus on personalization and, by working together, we can help more employees thrive in their everyday lives.”

eSight will be available in League’s digital benefits marketplace across North America at an exclusive price point. It will also be specifically available for employers who wish to directly purchase eSight to accommodate their employees as part of their benefits plan.

About League
League is the new digital alternative to traditional health insurance that connects employers and employees to a comprehensive network of health services and benefits, giving them unparalleled choice, convenience and value. League unlocks employee benefits to give everyone the power to act every day and live longer, healthier, happier lives. League Insurance Agency Inc. is a licensed subsidiary of League Inc.

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About eSight
eSight was founded in 2006 for the sole purpose of allowing the visually impaired to see. A unique and patented technology, eSight 3 enables people with vision loss to actually see and independently carry out virtually all Activities of Daily Living. eSight is registered with the FDA and EUDAMED, and is inspected by Health Canada. It is available globally. Find us at www.eSightEyewear.com, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

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