RiskIQ Customers Increase Ability to Detect and Resolve Digital Threats While Reporting a Positive ROI, New Benchmarking Survey Finds

Experiencing an increase in threat detection ability and quicker response resolution, 90 percent of customers would recommend RiskIQ for combating escalating cyber threats

SAN FRANCISCO, April 26, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- RiskIQ, the global leader in digital threat management, today announced the release of its 2018 Product Benchmarking Survey, revealing that 100 percent of surveyed customer organizations increased their visibility into external threats from internet-facing assets since implementing RiskIQ, with 65 percent decreasing their Mean Time To Response (MTTR) within a week of implementation.

Significant among the findings was that customers are seeking better methods of detection and protection against a range of external threats, with 79 percent reporting fear of information phishing as the principal motivator for implementation of the RiskIQ platform. Other reported high-ranking threats include: domain and subdomain infringement and typosquatting (78 percent), malicious and rogue mobile applications (63 percent), malvertising (33 percent) and shadow IT (32 percent).

Overall, the survey revealed that customers employing RiskIQ cybersecurity platforms reported a major improvement in their ability to stay ahead of increasingly sophisticated threats used by attackers. Threat hunters can also better expose and more efficiently analyze attackers’ infrastructures enabling them to act more quickly to locate, block and prevent further attacks to safeguard their internet-facing assets.

As businesses move to adapt their cybersecurity needs to meet the threat challenges of a changing digital landscape in which lead time is key, it comes as no surprise that they are turning to sophisticated solutions that expedite investigation time to quickly understand critical data sources and digital threats. The following findings indicate that RiskIQ is performing well-above the mark:

  • 96 percent of organizations have increased visibility of their attack surface
  • 60 percent of organizations increased their visibility into external threats
  • 65 percent decreased their MTTR within one week of implementation
  • 93 percent of organizations reported an increase in their overall threat investigations due to more in-depth identification of anomalies
  • 85 percent have amplified their attack surface visibility to more accurately detect threats in real time
  • 83 percent have effectively discovered previously unknown internet-facing assets

Seventy-one percent of surveyed organizations gave RiskIQ a rating of four stars or higher and 90 percent would recommend RiskIQ.

A global 500 beverage company seeking a better defense against a consistent barrage of threats to their domains turned to RiskIQ to implement a platform that could effectively protect against intrusion. They sought a better way to monitor attacks via subdomain and domain infringement, intrusive malware, domain phishing and shadow IT. After a consultation to identify their specific needs, they implemented RiskIQ, a single platform for addressing digital threats.

“We are expanding our use of the RiskIQ platform to include a more targeted focus on proper inventory to assist in better identification of our true attack surface,” reported the organization’s CISO. “Our goal is to update our processes and workflows, so we can, in turn, increase our efficiency and overall effectiveness. RiskIQ is our sole takedown for all infringing and malicious content, and since deployment, we’ve substantially increased our attack surface visibility to assist us with this goal.”

More information on the RiskIQ 2018 Product Benchmarking Survey, providing a quantifiable measure of product competitiveness, is available in the blog posting RiskIQ Customers Report Strong ROI, Immediate Impact After Deploying Platform.
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