BrandVerge Announces Launch of Platform That Simplifies Investment in Branded Content

Brooklyn, New York, UNITED STATES

NEW YORK, April 26, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Today, BrandVerge announces the launch of its online platform, which makes it easy for advertisers and publishers to collaborate on branded content.  As the first platform of its kind, BrandVerge replaces the outdated RFP process and allows online publishers to showcase their branded content opportunities to advertisers at scale. 

“BrandVerge gives revenue teams an always-on sales tool that creates increased visibility in a crowded marketplace.  This ultimately boosts consideration and drives qualified leads, helping online publishers better understand where they should focus direct sales efforts.” - Mollie Kehoe, Co-CEO

BrandVerge gives advertisers on-demand access to program options.  This eliminates the need to push out manual requests to individual publishers and creates a more natural buying process for advertisers and their agencies. 

"BrandVerge makes branded content easier and more accessible for companies of all sizes.  Advertisers and publishers can now identify program opportunities quickly, giving them more time to work through the creative details that make these partnerships successful.” - Lynn Browne, Co-CEO

BrandVerge expects to save significant time for publishers and advertisers instantly, increasing productivity and ROI across the board. 

"As a small and nimble agency, we thought the tool would give us a quick and easy way to see the types of programs that are out there without the time consuming back and forth.” - Laura Reis, Media Director at Figliulo & Partners.

“With so much changing with how we advertise, it makes sense that BrandVerge is creating a platform to help [agencies] evolve our relationships with publishers.” - Ryane Montanze, Marketing Director at Earthbound.

The BrandVerge platform launched with an impressive roster of premium publishers, spanning the fashion, lifestyle, food and entertainment categories.  Media companies are encouraged to explore the website: and watch the product demo: BrandVerge Demo Video.

Founded in March 2017, the BrandVerge founding team has 14 years of combined experience in digital media across media agency buying, client-side marketing strategy, advertising sales and client solutions, with the goal to simplify the media RFP process. BrandVerge provides an online repository to streamline direct-sell programs in premium publishing for media buyers and sellers.

The company is based in New York, NY. With clients spanning from Financial Services to Fashion and Automotive, BrandVerge is on a mission to solve for this missing tool in digital media and provide clients with the most efficient opportunities to showcase their capabilities. For more information on the Company, its products and services, please visit

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Lynn Browne

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