Audited consolidated financial statements of SIA VIA SMS Group for year 2017


The Group has closed the reporting period with a net turnover of EUR 20 039 219 that shows 21,1% increase in comparison with the same period in 2016. The largest net turnover was reached in Spain where the net turnover has increased by 63%; the second largest turnover was reached in Sweden – by 55%, the third – in Poland where net turnover increased by 17% in comparison with data reported to December 31, 2016.  Company’s EBITDA in 2017 has reached EUR 2 900 866 and has ensured the net profit of EUR 1 182 522.

According to audit company BDO sugession Group has changed cost accounting principle, in result net profit for 2016 has decreased from 1 109 449 EUR to 420 282 EUR, however net profit for 2017 has incresed from 831 134 EUR to 1 197 104 EUR  comparing to unaudited financial statements for 2017.

During 2017 the Group has made investments in newly established subsidiary in Romania, digital payment services provider VIA Payments, as well as developed new consumer lending brand in Poland – Cashalot. VIA SMS Group has also invested in the further development of the peer-to-peer lending platform VIAINVEST.

The net loan portfolio as per December 31, 2017, was EUR 18 022 102 which shows 23% growth in comparison with December 31, 2016. The largest portfolio increase was reached in the Czech Republic where the difference between reporting period and the same period last year amounts to 41%. The Czech Republic is followed by Poland with 32% growth, Latvia – with 25% growth and Spain – with 24% growth.

JSC VIA SMS group 

Since the 2009 VIA SMS Group core activity has been providing consumer lending services for private individuals. The company has been operating under several brands - VIA SMS, SAVA.card, VIAKREDIT, VIA CONTO - and is offering consumer loans with a maturity term up to 12 months in Latvia, Czech Republic, Poland, Sweden and Spain. VIA SMS Group has more than  1mio registered clients and the total amount of issued loans has reached 95.8 million EUR within the year 2017.

In 2017 VIA SMS Group was mainly focused on strengthening its positions in existing markets, acquiring new ones, as well as intensive product development. Following the strong performance in existing markets and growing demand for consumer lending services across Europe, VIA SMS Group has obtained a license allowing to operate in the Romanian consumer lending market. The newly established consumer lending company operating under the brand name is providing online lending services in Romania. To expand existing operations in Poland, in July of 2017, VIA SMS Group has launched a new consumer lending brand Cashalot that is offering short-term online lending services for Polish residents.

VIA SMS Group has also established new daughter company VIA Payments that has obtained the electronic money institution license and is planning to develop and launch digital payment services brand within the Q2 of 2018.

During the 2017 VIA SMS Group has been working on improving the quality of creditworthiness evaluation and customer service effectiveness in all markets. The company was also focused on further development of the peer-to-peer lending platform VIAINVEST. 2017 marked a milestone of loans with a total value of 43 million EUR funded through the platform.

On September 7, 2017, VIA SMS Group has successfully finished the reorganization of the company and changed its legal form from Ltd. (Limited Liability Company) to JSC (Joint Stock Company).

         Jānis Urtāns
         Chief Financial Officer
         VIA SMS group, AS
         Phone: +371 67212412


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