SABR Cryptocurrency, SABR-COIN.TK Announces Listing Coin on TradeSatoshi Exchange


NEW YORK, May 01, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- SABR cryptocurrency (SABR) announces that its coin, SABR-COIN.TK, now trades and listed on TradeSatoshi.  A reliable cryptocurrency exchange based in the UK, TradeSatoshi -, provides users the highest level of security, transparency, customer service, and executions. 

SABR’s pairs itself on TradeSatoshi with BitCoin, LiteCoin, BitCoin Cash, Tether, and DodgeCoin.  Multiple pairings allow SABR’s users and traders access to 5 of the most liquid digital currency in the marketplace. opened the SABR cryptocurrency market price at 0.003113 BTC equivalent unit, or approximately $29.00 US.   The price remains consistent and in-line with its SABR value used-in current peer-to-peer business transactions. SABR is a pre-mined coin, with full emission – no new mining; only releasing more SABR coins incrementally into the market based on demand.

Unlike another cryptocurrency, SABR was created for business transactions, back by recognizable financial organizations.  The Board of Directors involved at SABR are consummate professionals with a diverse background in various businesses and industries. 

SABR’s team currently implements a strategy in becoming the most used digital currency in the maritime industry, as well as, integration into merchant processing applications. Growing acceptance continues from large industrial and commercial users and large transactions down to small businesses processing payments using SABR.

For further information about SABR and TradeSatochi, visit each of their websites at and

Risk Statement: The trading, investing, and making a transaction in cryptocurrency, SABR, can be risky; information in this releases, as well as information on SABR’s website, are not construed as an offer to buy/sell SABR.

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