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SEATTLE, WA, May 01, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- CFN Media Group (“CFN Media”), the leading agency and financial media network dedicated to the North American cannabis industry, announces publication of an article covering India Globalization Capital Inc.'s (NYSE MKT: IGC) hybrid approach. First, they develop a formulation for sale in legal dispensaries as a symptom-relieving nutraceutical, followed by further research and clinical trials to evolve the nutraceutical into a prescription drug. Their first effort is Hyalolex for Alzheimer’s patients, a cannabinoid-based combination therapy supplement for Alzheimer’s disease that has been made available for sale in Puerto Rico since March.  With this approach, the company offers investors near-term revenue to offset long-term development costs, while at the same time reducing risk by leveraging the early indications of safety and efficacy from the sale of the nutraceutical. Furthermore, the Company files patent protections as it grows.

Investors have many different opportunities in the medical cannabis industry. While some companies target retail dispensaries, others are engaged in clinical trials designed to bring prescription drugs to market. GW Pharmaceuticals plc has already been successful in commercializing prescription drugs focused on epilepsy, which proves that many countries are open to the potential for medical cannabis treatments.

Pharmaceutical vs. Complimentary / Nutraceutical
Many healthcare companies can be divided into or pharmaceutical and nutraceutical categories. While both types of companies produce products designed to improve consumer health, their very different approaches can result in very different opportunities for investors. Investors involved with these companies, particularly at an early stage, should be aware of these differences to understand how their portfolio is likely to perform.

Pharmaceutical companies must go through regulatory approval processes designed to show that a drug is both safe and efficacious. According to Clinical Leader, the cost of a single clinical trial can be upwards of $100 million, while the total cost of developing a new drug has risen to more than $1 billion. The good news is that approved drugs enjoy market exclusivity and high profit margins since they must be prescribed by a physician.

On the other hand, nutraceutical companies develop products under the “dietary supplement” designation, which undergoes much less regulatory scrutiny. These companies don’t need to prove efficacy, but the ingredients must be generally recognized as safe and the manufacturing process must meet certain requirements. In addition, there are some marketing restrictions on what claims can be made and limited exclusivity. The good news is that these products are much faster to market.

Taking the Best of Both Worlds
IGC’s “best of both worlds” approach is being evidenced with the way they are launching Hyalolex.  The company’s plan is to collect data from Hyalolex’s performance within a diverse patient set in Puerto Rico who will use the twice- or thrice-daily liquid supplement that has been shown to inhibit the formation of harmful plaques and tangles, as well as enhance mitochondrial function, reduce inflammation, and modulate other Alzheimer’s symptoms.  

After the Puerto Rico launch, the Company will replicate the Puerto Rico experience by undertaking a methodical market-by-market distribution in states where dispensaries are legal. Then, using QR-code based product assurance, information dissemination, and data collection systems, they will aggregate data from the nutraceutical patients to use for formal clinical trials in the United States, which will set the stage for approved pharmaceutical drugs.

Looking Ahead
India Globalization Capital Inc. (NYSE MKT: IGC) represents a compelling investment opportunity as the only cannabis-based pharmaceutical company in the Alzheimer’s space. By targeting a niche market and setting up distribution into large markets, they will be building a role model that can be emulated for their next product, which targets Parkinson’s disease, to be followed by two other products now under development for pain and for pets. In this way, the Company is uniquely positioned to grow its long-term shareholder value.

For more information, visit the company’s corporate website or product website.
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