Quartzy and BioBuilt join forces to make lab management and supply procurement easy for new biotech startups

Quartzy and BioBuilt, the Los Angeles accelerator, collaborate to ensure the bioscience leaders of tomorrow have the lab supplies they need today

Palo Alto, California, UNITED STATES

PALO ALTO, Calif., May 02, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Quartzy, the only free online laboratory supply management and ordering platform, announced today its joint effort with LA-based BioBuilt to provide the accelerator’s companies with industry-leading lab management software and faster access to critical reagents and consumables. 

“BioBuilt is helping drive a bioscience revolution and Quartzy is pleased to be playing an important part in it,” said Jayant Kulkarni, Quartzy’s founder and CEO. “Now, all scientific endeavors supported by BioBuilt will be able to leverage Quartzy’s time-saving operational software as well as our extensive supply chain.”

Through Quartzy, BioBuilt’s labs will be able to consolidate their purchasing workflows using the Quartzy Shop, the nation’s most comprehensive and diverse digital catalog of lab supplies containing more than two million products sourced from over 1,000 of the life science industry’s leading suppliers. The time-savings made possible by the Quartzy Shop will allow science teams to direct greater focus towards their research rather than wasting it managing multiple supplier relationships.

The partnership also comes at an opportune moment as it coincides with the opening of the Quartzy Fulfillment Center. The close proximity of BioBuilt’s companies to Quartzy’s new warehouse will grant these labs accelerated access to mission-critical lab consumables and reagents, ensuring even the most urgent requests are delivered in a timely manner. 

"At BioBuilt, we are committed to helping LA's startup biotech companies succeed in applying innovative solutions to society's most pressing challenges,” added Llewellyn Cox, BioBuilt’s Founder and CEO. “Quartzy provides an easy-to-use ordering and inventory management solution that allows our clients to get the best pricing from leading suppliers, and focus more of their time and energy on their core mission to create the products of tomorrow."

Beyond their free Quartzy membership, BioBuilt labs will also benefit from a suite of exclusive perks tailored specifically for new life science labs.

“Groundbreaking scientific discoveries are only possible when you have a supportive and resource-rich environment like the one BioBuilt provides,” added Kulkarni. “We’re proud to be supporting that environment with the supplies and software that will keep these labs driving progress forward.”

About BioBuilt
BioBuilt is LA’s accelerator for biotechnology, with a special focus on game-changing ideas for biomanufacturing the products of tomorrow.

About Quartzy
Quartzy provides the only complete solution for lab supply management that includes the world’s most comprehensive catalog of lab supplies and deals backed by over 1,000 of the life science industry’s top suppliers like MilliporeSigma and Rainin. Relied on by over 160,000 scientists in more than 13,000 labs nationwide, Quartzy delivers full supply lifecycle management that combines world-class inventory tracking with user-friendly order request tools to streamline communication and save labs time and money. Founded by scientists in 2011, Quartzy has raised more than $22M from Khosla Ventures, Eminence Capital, Y Combinator and others. Learn more about Quartzy at www.quartzy.com.

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